15 Dec 2018


Tonj Governor Akech Decries Challenges Facing Disarmament Process

The Governor of Tonj State, Akech Tong Aleu has said the on-going disarmament process in Greater bahr el Ghazal is being faced with numerous challenges despite the determination of the organized forces to get rid of illegal firearms from the hands of civilians.

By James Deng Dimo

WAU 21, November 2017 [Gurtong] –
Governor Tong told Gurtong on Monday upon his arrival from Juba that the challenges have been reported to the President.

“We have so many challenges facing our forces that are carrying out the disarmament process at the hotspots. Our forces do not have food and they don’t have fuel to operate their cars,” said Tonj.

“I was in Juba to meet President Salva Kiir and update him about the security situation in the three States, Wau, Gogrial and Tonj particularly in Tonj State because Tonj has cattle rustling in the area of Lonj Jang of which we recovered all the looted cattle. I have also updated the president about the recent resolution which we recently passed on the 16th of this month about the security of the three States,” said Tong.

“Our last 16 November meeting in Wau also included additional deployment of the disarmament forces in some parts of Tonj State, we went to the president and to tell him these needs,” he said.

Tong said following the declaration of the State of emergency in the four States by the President, the security situation has now returned to normal as people are responding to the rule of law.

“We are not searching for the guns such that it us not used by the local community for killing themselves and developing cattle rustling as an organised mission,” he said.

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