15 Dec 2018


USAID-VISTAS Hands Over Newly Constructed Traditional Court To Rumbek Town Court

USAID-Viable Support for Transition and Stability on Thursday officially handed over of the newly constructed traditional court to Rumbek Town Court of Western Lakes State.

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 24 November 2017 [Gurtong]-
Speaking during the handing over ceremony, the government’s representative,  Poth Dumic urged members of the community and traditional judges  of Rumbek County to Sustain and make good use of the court building.

Dumic said USAID-VISTAS has made a lot of positive and valuable contributions towards peace and reconciliation through organizing community Peace dialogue in Western Lakes State.

Dumic called upon members of Western Lakes State legislative assembly to review the State customary law to allow women participation in decision making in the traditional court.

“For women membership to be inclusive and represented in the traditional court the executive parliament and the community should have a meeting,” she said.

She also added that there are many cultural and social allegations which need to be differentiated from the role of women’s participation in decision making when in court and when out of court.

She requested USAID-VISTAS to revive the Wunlit recommendations in order to construct a women peace and reconciliation center in Among-piny at the border between Western Lakes and Southern Liech States.

“I am requesting USAID-VISTAS to revive the recommendation of Wunlit peace conference of 2010, so that the women Center is constructed in Among-piny because the center will bring across women from former Unity and Western Lakes States together to have peace and reconciliation,” she said.

The deputy Chief of party for USAID-VISTAS, Chris William said the construction of the traditional court is mainly for the Chief as they are important in the community.

“Everyone in this country wants to take the law into his own hands. People need to obey the law of the land and chiefs here are the ones to translate what that law means to the people.”

“We challenge chiefs to be active by building for them a court to work in and to use it and to be active to decide on cases, people have many issues and there are cases which need to be decided,” said Willaim.

The president of Rumbek town traditional court, Dhalbeny Makuer Gol thanked the USAID-VISTAS for the building.

“We the members of this traditional court are very thankful to USAID-VISTAS for providing us this durable asset in Rumbek,” said Gol.


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