11 Dec 2018


At Least 42 killed, 19 Wounded In Jonglei Attack

At least 42 people have been confirmed dead and 19 others wounded after armed youth attacked a village in Duk Payuel of Jonglei State on Tuesday in a cattle raid.

At Least 42 killed, 19 Wounded In Jonglei Attack
Cattle grazing in Paloc [Gurtong/file photo]

By Jale Richard

JONGLEI, 28 November, 2017-[Gurtong]-Jonglei state Information Minister, Akech Deng Dit said the 42 people were killed when armed youth from Boma State attacked the village and abducted children and women; burnt down the village, and took an unknown number of cattle and goats.

“The number is increasing, it is now 42,” Akech said. “The number may increase to many more because they attacked people at around 4 am, maybe some people ran away with gun shots and nobody found them, so the number may increase,” he added.

Akech said the attack happened after another attack on Monday afternoon at Duk Panyang where three people were killed and cattle raided. He said later the youth of Duk Panyang recovered the cattle before the attackers came to Duk Payuel early Tuesday morning.

The attack is a setback to peace and reconciliation efforts being spearheaded by the First Vice President Taban Deng Gai.

In May this year, the Governor of Jonglei, Philip Aguer and Boma State, Governor Ismail Konyi, signed a cease fire agreement, committing their communities to no conflict in the two neighboring States.

Akech said the State government of Jonglei contacted the government of Boma State and they confirmed that the attackers came from Boma State.

“We are saying please organize and make sure that these cattle, women and children are returned, and these youth this time have to be hold accountable for their wrong doing and pay for the innocent lives,” he said.

However, efforts made to reach the Press Secretary in the office of Boma State Governor for comments were futile as his phone went unanswered.


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