11 Dec 2018


Governor Relieves Ministers And Commissioners

Western Lakes State Governor, Matur Chut Dhuol has issued a number of gubernatorial decrees relieving and appointing new ministers, commissioners and Rumbek town mayor.

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 29 November 2017 [Gurtong]-
The below are the changes made;

Relieved Ministers:-

1-    Abraham Meen Kuc Adhil , Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency
2-    Mabor Meen Wol ,Minister of Finance
3-     Thon Kuat , Minister of Agriculture
4-    Stephen Mathiang Deng Monydit, Minister of Culture Youth and Sports
5-    Kuol Daniel Ayuilo , Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries

Relieved Commissioners:-

1-    Mawet Manuer Kok , Commissioner of Amongpiny County
2-    Kaman Matur Ajac, Commissioner of Malek County

New appointed ministers and commissioners as follows:-

1-    Kuol Daniel Ayuilo , Minister of Finance and Economic Planning
2-    Mabor Meen Wol , Minister of local Government and Law Enforcement Agency
3-    Stephen Mathiang Deng Mondit, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry
4-    Thon Kuat , Minister of Culture , Youth and Sports
5-    Majak Ror Magok, Minister of Animal Resources and Fisheries
6-    Khamis Mangui Dhuor, Commissioner of Amongpiny County
7-    Sunday Ater Malith, Commissioner of Malek County.

Governor Dhuol issued another separate gubernatorial decree upgrading Rumbek town into a Municipality and appointed the following as mayor and deputy mayor:-

1-    Mawet Manuer Kok, Rumbek Town Mayor for Rumbek Municipality
2-    Madit Malual Kachuol, deputy Town mayor for Rumbek Municipality

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