11 Dec 2018


Campaign To Promote Use Of Clean Water Launched In Torit

Imatong State Physical Infrastructure Ministry in collaboration with the Health Ministry has launched a campaign in the State promoting the use of clean water for drinking and domestic use.

 Peter Lokale

TORIT, 03 December 2017 [Gurtong] – The Ministry of Health is advising the public to collect and use available chlorine or water guard drugs in the ministry for treating water before consumption.

In Torit, the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure is soliciting for support from international and non-governmental organisations for financial support in order to drill bore holes for the people in the State.

Most bore holes that have broken down are now being repaired as new ones are being drilled.
In Lopa County, Moonlight Development Organization, MDO, one of the Community Based Organizations in Imatong, has offered to train more than 20 Water Managers to work under the formed Management Committees (MCs) in Logonowati village under Lillo Boma of Dorik Payam.

According to the Hygiene and Sanitation Officer, Mary Ihure of the MDO, her organisation's aim is to equip the 20 members to manage water crisis by monitoring and fixing those broken down bore-holes so that they can function well to further provide water for domestic use.

The Committees are charged to oversee the performance of the trained water managers to ensure consistent provision of clean water for domestic consumption, clarifies Ihure.

One of the key objectives of the MDO is to ensure proper promotion of high hygiene standards through the trained water managers.

They are charged to guide the boreholes users. And they do this through sensitization work of the water users as efforts to fighting water borne diseases like Cholera.

In February 2015, Germany Development Cooperation GIZ implemented a water development project in the then Eastern Equatoria State prior to the split into two States; Imatong and Kapoeta.

During his visit the Ambassador said, GIZ was set to establish an urban water utility in Torit.
Once successful, it shall then provide appropriate capacity development of local technicians to sustainably manage their own project.

He also added that upon eventual completion of the project the water usage by the beneficiaries shall strictly be on a cost recovery price so as to ensure sustainability.

He revealed that similar projects were underway in Yei Central Equatoria State and and Yambio Western Equatoria State. However, he said that the same project was to be implemented in Lakes and Upper Nile States but have temporarily ceased due to security interruptions.

Communities around the State have been fetching water from natural or dugout wells which animals equally drink from.

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