11 Dec 2018


Wau State Governor Appoints New Cabinet Ministers

The Governor of Wau State Angelo Taban Biajo on Monday announced his new cabinet ministers.

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 05 December 2017 [Gurtong] – The move follows the dismissal of the entire cabinet ministers who were appointed by the former Governor Andrea Mayar Acho.

In the gubernatorial decree announced on Monday, the following are the new ministers;

Arkangelo Anyar Anyar, Minister of Local Government Law Enforcement and Parliamentary Affairs

Naima Abas Ido, Minister of Information, Youth and Sports

David John Pons, Minister of Public Service  and Human Resource

Michael Madut Chan, Minister of Education Science and Technology

James Patris, Minister of Health

Elia Kamilio Dimo, Minister of Finance Trade and Industry

Mario John Nyibang, Minister of Physical Infrastructure and Development

Simon Athuai Akot, Minister of Agriculture Forestry and Animal Resource

Christina Gabriel Ali, Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare

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