11 Dec 2018


CEPO Urging IGAD To Extend Transitional Period

Community Empowerment for progress Organization (CEPO) has released a position paper on the IGAD-led Revitalization Forum, urging IGAD to extend the Transitional Period of the government for five more years to allow preparation for holding democratic elections.

CEPO Urging IGAD To Extend Transitional Period
Edmund Yakani, Executive director of CEPO talking to Gurtong on Tuesday [Gurtong photo| Jale Richard]

By Jale Richard

JUBA, 06 December, 2017 [Gurtong]-Edmund Yakani, CEPO Executive Director said the five years would allow for establishing security, return of refugees and IDPS, and carrying out civic education for holding a democratic election.

“During the transitional period, the government should focus on organization of peaceful and creditable national general elections; facilitation of transitional justices; maintenance of permanent ceasefire; facilitation of humanitarian assistance and conducting essential electoral related legislations and institutions reforms,” Yakani said.

The 59th extra ordinary IGAD Council of Ministers meeting is scheduled for December 15th to 16th 2017.

Yakani urged the IGAD Council of Ministers to have a clear scope of the revitalization forum so that people can envision the product of the forum.

“Absence of clear defined scope by IGAD for revitalizing ARCSS offers great opportunity for the conflicting parties to drag the process,” he said.  

Yakani added that the revitalization forum should be used to identify and address what went wrong in the past in relation to the implementation of ARCSS; and getting the positions of the other opposition groups.

Yakani said there should also be distribution of power instead of concentrating much power on some positions.

He said the other parties to the agreement should compromise with the timeline if they want peaceful democratic elections.   

Yakani said the forum should also reconsider the concept of two armies because it is not sustainable.

“The principle of having two armies is no longer viable because of the too many armed groups.
Creation of joint protection forces for political leaders is needed. The separate military control system should be left absolute as responsibility of Joint Military Ceasefire Commission and CTASMM,” he said.

He said demilitarization should be done through establishment of military cantonment and assembling points for each armed group under full control of Joint Military Ceasefire Commission and CTASMM.

“The strategy of military cantonment is required to be changed from establishment of cantonment areas around Juba to establishment of cantonment areas within communities,” Yakani said.


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