22 Jan 2019


Calm Returns To Rumbek After Declaration Of State Of Emergency

Following the declaration of the State of emergency and the arrival of SPLA troops in Rumbek Western Lakes State, residents have say the region is now experiencing peace and tranquility.

Calm Returns To Rumbek After Declaration Of State Of Emergency
Western Lakes State Youth activist talking to Gurtong on return of peace in Rumbek [Photo|Mabor Riak]

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 16 January 2018 [Gurtong]-
30 Year old, Peter Mading Manyang said with the coming of the SPLA forces to Rumbek to disarm the youth across the greater Lakes State it will definitely restore hope for the realization of peace, unity and prosperity.

“For the first time in Rumbek, we have spent nights without the roaring sound of gunshots and reports of night robbery and killings since the arrival of SPLA forces in Rumbek. It is like breathing in fresh air,” said a happy Manyang.

The situation in Rumbek has always been tensed following ethnic clashes and lootings of people properties. They cycle of revenge killings has been one of the biggest challenges in the State of which the government has failed to stop.

“We are appealing to the national army for disarmament to seize the airport and roads to Juba and screen all the passengers leaving Rumbek for Juba. They shouldn’t be any cause for trouble,” said Manyang.

“We have been talking, time and again for them [youth] to cease fighting and hostilities, but they have failed to listen to us thinking that they are strong and they can fight everybody. Now the army is here and is present they will not be forgiven, should they fail to comply with orders of the State of emergency, they will face the real force of the law from the army. Our people don’t listen and do not abide by what their own elders and intellectuals tell them,” said Manyang.

Peter Mading Manyang lost his properties last year at his residential area of Malual-akan when some group of unknown gunmen stormed his house, killing one of his neighbours and looted everything.

“I became a victim of night robbery from unknown gunmen in Rumbek last year, when a group armed youth came and stormed my house at 1:00 am, killing one person my neighbor and looted everything from me,” explained Manyang.

Last week during a meeting between Rumbek Youth union and the committee for disarmament program, the Deputy National Minister of Information, Akol Paul Kordit urged the army to deal with warmongers in Western Lakes State.

“ We are urging the youth and the community at large to cooperate with the government to help identify those against peace through phone calls during the disarmament when there is suspicion in place where they live,” Akol said.

“This is a meeting of peace, love, progress and development and this is the beginning of peace. Now I can see from your faces here that you are convinced and convicted that guns must be removed from the hands of the civil population and peace must come to Western Lakes State.” He said.

Akol Paul Kordit said most victims of communal violence are the educated youth and intellectuals.

Akol noted that taking away the guns alone is not enough but having a heart of forgiveness and peace within will make peace prevail.

Addressing the Rumbek youth, the Chairperson of the Caucus of the Committee of the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) and a member of the Awareness Committee for the State of Emergency in Western Lakes State, Honorable Dhieu Matuet urged the armed youth in Western Lakes State to return to their original land and respective Counties for disarmament.

Honorable Dhieu Matuet urged the armed Youth who killed over 70 SPLA Soldiers including infantry brigade commander, Ajak, to collect and return over 70 guns of SPLA soldiers Killed in Malek County before the disarmament exercise kicks off in Western Lakes State.

Mamer Madhieu, 25 years old Youth in Western Lakes State welcomed the arrival of SPLA Soldiers for disarmament in greater Lakes State.

“We the youth are very much happy about the coming of the SPLA Soldiers to Rumbek. You can see for yourselves, the insecurity in the town has significantly dropped particularly in Rumbek town. People are enjoying movement without panic and threats from the armed Youth.” He said.

“We have lost potential youth as a result of this senseless intra-communal violence. Now we are trying to breathe in new fresh air since the arrival SPLA forces last week. Our properties will be safe and life will return to normal after the removal of these guns,” said Madhieu.

“I have dream of going out in the next rainy season for cultivation after the disarmament.” Madhieu concluded.


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