18 Jan 2019


Wau Town Mayor Reveals New Developmental Changes Within The Town

The Mayor of Wau municipal council, Hassen Ngor said his administration has managed to secure the rehabilitation of feeder roads within Wau town for the past two months despite many challenges facing his administration.

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 17 January 2018 [Gurtong] - “The roads right now are ok, because we have started the rehabilitation from Wau’s main runabout up to western part of Lokloko residential area, these places are now easily accessible with good quality of rehabilitation,” said Ngor.

“The contraction which began two months ago is being handled by the Ayat Company,” he added.

Speaking to Gurtong, Ngor also stated that the security of Wu town is now calm.

While on the issue of the State government proposal to relocate the depots or warehouse which were located within Jaw main Market to Wau market, the Mayor said the move has been halted due to lack of enough space at the proposed Wau Market.

On the prices of goods in the market, Ngor said since goods began coming in from Sudan, the prices of goods have slightly dropped from the previous prices.

He said the only price of good that is still high is that for meat of which his administration is currently holding a dialogue with the traders to reduce the price from 400 SSP to an affordable price.

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