18 Jan 2019


Local Business Community Appreciates Mayor For Relocating Market

Following an order from the town Mayor of Rumbek Municipality last week to relocate the fruits and vegetable market out of the main market, the small scale local business community has expressed gratitude to the Mayor.

By Mabo Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 17 January 2018 [Gurtong]-38 year old local business woman, Mary Achol Majok said that the transfer of the market (Thung-piny Market) out of main market has created enough space for conducting various business activities.

“Since we moved here and set up our mobile canteens and tents in this new location, we feel great. There is free movement because there is enough space compared to the previous location. We were resisting to move from our previous location near the main market, fearing some loses.  However the new place is good for both us and our customers,” Mary explained.

Matur Makur, 40 year old who has been selling fruits and sweet potatoes in the market said that adequate security must be provided.

“I am appealing to the Mayor of Rumbek Municipality, Mawet Manuer Kok to provide us with adequate protection and security. Deploying enough soldiers for the protection of customers and us too as traders so that we can condct our business without worry,” said Makur.

“We experienced some incidents in the past where some of our colleagues were robbed of their goods and money at gun points by armed youth while others are being targeted and attacked during the day. This is what we want not to happen,” said Makur.

Last week, the town Mayor issued an order relocating the market for vegetables and fruits and other small businesses out from Rumbek’s main market.


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