18 Jan 2019


Wau Radio Station Back On Air After Being Off For More Than 8 Months

South Sudan Radio station has received a power installation system from the United Nation Mission in South Sudan after being off-air for more than 8 months now.

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 30, January 2018 [Gurtong] -
According to Wau State Information Minister, Nema Abass during the handing over of the installation system today, the station will now operate 24 hours without any interruption.

She said the State government will now use its own run station to advocate peace messages to the communities residing in Wau town and enlighten the displaced persons to return to their homes.

“Today is a great day, we have received a beautiful gift from the UNMISS, they have brought to us a solar system to operate our radio station and this radio will operate 24 hours. It was off for a long period of time but now we have renewed the radio and now Wau radio is functioning. From today, we are beginning to air some programmes including health, culture, and education among others that benefit the community,” said Abass.

On his part, the UNMISS State Human Rights Officer, Mr. Yishak Tefferi said the station will be used by the media as a platform for promoting press freedom.

He also said the UN objective to renovate the station with solar system is to help the State authority to communicate peaceful messages to IDPs to return to their homes.

He also said that the station will promote peaceful messages for reconciliation and national healing.

 According to Tefferi, the installation system cost 42,100 US dollars.


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