22 Jan 2019


IDPs Returning To Their Homes Following Relative Calm In Wau

Hundreds IDPs who fled their homes in Bagri and Kpale Counties during the conflict in the Country on Tuesday began their way back to their homes in Wau State.

IDPs Returning To Their Homes Following Relative Calm In Wau
IDP Camp in Wau [File photo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 01 February 2018 [Gurtong]-The first batch that arrived Kosti check point to Kpale and Bagari were welcomed by Chiefs Agustino Abdalla of Bussere and Natale Agustino of Momio.

The Chiefs called on humanitarian agencies to scale up their response with necessary humanitarian needs in the areas as the residents have begun returning to their homes.

Some of the returnees spoke to Gurtong on their way back to Bagari and said they are happy following the opening of roads linking their villages have been declared opened by their Commissioners.

The move has been seen by the civilians that had fled their homes during the conflict to Wau homes as a good gesture to begin their lives again.

They said going back to their village with clear security assurance by both sides of the warring parties signals a return of peaceful coexistence in the State.

The peaceful movement of civilians between Wau town to villages of Bagari and Kpale Counties was clearly assured to the civilians by the SPLA commander in charge of the area, Col. Santino Kenyi.

Upon the movement of the civilians back to their homes with the journey which started at Kosti residential area within Wau town, Bagari County commissioner Taban John Guu expressed his hope and peaceful return of the people to their homes in the County.

Guu promised to have regular visit to the County to interact with his people on the ground.

He said the State government will make sure there is peaceful return of all civilians to their homes as the rainy season approaches.

With this first batch of the returnees to homes after the conflict erupted in the region in 2015, this signaled the return of peace in the State after a huge displacement of thousands of civilians that sought protection at the UN protection site in the State.


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