18 Jan 2019


UN Agencies And Donor Partners Visit Yambio To Strengthen Coordination And Partnership

A two-day high level UN-donor mission to explore establishment of a partnership on resilience and recovery concluded in Yambio this week.

YAMBIO, 03 February 2018 [Gurtong]-The mission focused on linking and strengthening coordination between national partners and agencies to achieve results, and to assess further entry points for collaboration.

The Partnership for Recovery and Resilience delegation included UN agency representatives from FAO, IOM, UNDP, UNFPA, UNHCR, UNESCO, UN HABITAT, UNICEF, UNMISS, UNOCHA, UNOPS, UN Women, WFP, and WHO, OXFAM, as well as representatives from the donor community including Canada, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands and the United States.

The areas of potential support include responses to food insecurity, malnutrition, basic services, livelihoods, community security and local economic revitalization. The delegation visited and met with implementing partners and beneficiaries of fish farming livelihood projects, small holder farm cooperatives, local peace committees, skills training centres for ex-combatants and vulnerable youth and women, heath services at Yambio Hospital, and an urban water system project.

Speaking at a meeting with the local government, civil and business leaders, the DSRSG/HC/RC/RR Mr. Alain Noudéhou, commended the community-led initiatives to strengthen peace and stability in Yambio and Gbudue State. Mr. Noudéhou further emphasized the need to continue to strengthen community security and social cohesion through local mechanisms to manage and resolve conflicts.

“Recovery and resilience in the context of Yambio is about addressing immediate needs and restoring community trust and order to get people back to livelihoods and income-generating activities so they can provide for themselves and their families,” said Mr. Noudéhou, underscoring the importance of complementing humanitarian actions with multi-sectoral recovery and resilience building interventions.

The Governor of Gbudue State, Hon. Daniel Badagbu commended the partnership and expressed appreciation for the support by the UN and the development partners. 

“Our vision of Gbudue State is a transformed community which is democratically, economically, and socially prosperous and we are determined to accomplish this by building and maintaining peaceful co-existence. Increasing security and trust in our communities is how we will enhance quality of life for all,” said Hon. Daniel Badagbu, the Governor of Gbudue State.

Hon. Pia Phillip, the Gbudue State Minister of Education, Gender, Child and Social Welfare led the delegation through the Child Transit Centre as an example of inter-agency support to child protection and reintegration of children associated with armed groups.

He noted that This centre has served over 2,000 children from Central African Republic, Congo, Uganda, and especially, South Sudan, as a place to safeguard the most vulnerable children and women. It is our obligation and duty to provide safety and facilitate the re-integration of these young people, so that as happy children, they also become productive citizens in our communities,” Hon. Phillip said.

Director of USAID Jeff Bakken said they commend the community for its positive steps towards ensuring relative peace in Yambio and Gbudue State.

“Our visit showed ways we can further support the efforts of the people to move on from conflict, restore their communities, and improve security and trust in Yambio. After hearing the aspirations of the people of Yambio, and what recovery and resilience means to them, partners are determined to stay the course by coordinating actions to make greater impact ,”  said Director for USAID, Jeff Bakken

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