22 Jan 2019


Parties To The Conflict In South Sudan Urged To Compromise For Peace

Parties to the conflict in South Sudan have been urged to compromise to reach a political settlement at the end of the ongoing High Level Revitalization Forum (HLRF) in the Ethiopian capital, Addis-Ababa.

Parties To The Conflict In South Sudan Urged To Compromise For Peace
Representatives of the TROIKA member countries in a past media briefing in Nairobi, Kenya [File photo]

By Ojwe Lumara

ADDIS-ABABA, 06 February 2018 [Gurtong]-
The Troika, consisting of the United States, the United Kingdom and Norway made the call on the opening day of the second phase of the High Level Revitalization Forum (HLRF) on Monday.

“It is vitally important that all the parties engage in these talks with seriousness and purpose and genuine commitment to the political compromise necessary for real peace in South Sudan,” Ambassador Christopher Trot, US Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan said.

“We join the region and international partners in condemning the many unfortunate violations of the C0HA by all parties and in calling for all the signatories to end military actions and abide by their obligations. We will continue to press all parties to do so and curb necessary action s to curb violence,” he added.

The U.S. on 2nd February banned exportation of all arms and defense services to South Sudan as part of the actions of the US to press the parties to the conflict to see an end of the ongoing conflict.

They urge all nations including South Sudan’s neighbors to ban all arms export to South Sudan, end any support to those undermining efforts to peace.

“This is an opportunity that cannot be squandered. Your people are looking up to you and they pray and hope that you don’t let them down – not again,” Augustino Njoroge, Deputy Chairperson of Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission (JMEC) said on the opening day.

“They want to get out of Protection of Civilians sites, they want to return home from the harsh conditions in refugee settlements across the borders and they want to be able to till their land, grow food, send their children to school and build the country,” he added.

He said it is sad when leaders make promises that they do not intend to keep. “Citizens’ hopes are raised and dashed in equal measures. The same applies to peace agreements. We must implement and adhere to what is agreed on, not sign an agreement today and violate it tomorrow,” he emphasized.

The Government Spokesperson, Michael Makuei said the government came to Addis with full force and will go back home with peace.

He said he expects the talks to be tough, but “I believe we may reach positive steps at the end of the sessions."



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