18 Jan 2019


Disarmament Exercise Launched In Greater Lakes Region

A disarmament exercise was on Saturday launched in Greater Lakes State by the SPLA General Chief of Staff, James Ajonga Mawut targeting particularly the armed youth.

By Mabor Riak Magok

RUMBEK, 06 February 2018 [Gurtong]-
While addressing a rally attended by senior politicians from Gok and Western Lakes State, Mawut urged the Gelwong youth to cooperate and voluntarily hand over their illegal arms.

“I don’t want to hear any report that there is a platoon of SPLA Soldiers that has been overrun by the armed youth who are resisting the disarmament exercise or hear a report that there is an SPLA Soldier killed by the armed youth in Lakes State”. Said Ajonga Mawut.

He also recalled all SPLA and police officers who had gone on leave to report to work with immediate effect.

“All those who were given permission, should make sure that it is cancelled with effect from today and they must report and join the forces that are conducting the disarmament exercise immediately,” said Ajonga.

He said the soldiers have a right to self-defense should they encounter a group resisting to hand over their arms.

“You have the law of engagement whenever there are resistance and confrontation from the armed youth during the operation. The army has a right to fight with those groups who are resisting disarmament and are confronting the army.”

He told the soldiers that the disarmament exercise will be done door to door hence no need to request for transportation.

“This disarmament of civilians does not need transport mobility like cars or planes. This is a mission of moving from door to door and from village to village unless you want to go to Juba.
Go on foot until you bring all those guns which are there in the hands of civilians”, said Mawut.


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