22 Jan 2019


UK Rallies Regional Support To Punish Peace Violators

The Special Envoy of the United Kingdom to Sudan and South Sudan, Christopher Trott said for punishment against violators of South Sudan peace to be successful, there is need for regional support.

 UK Rallies Regional Support To Punish Peace Violators
UK Special Envoy for Sudan and South Sudan Chris Trott [Courtesy|SMC]

By Ojwe Lumara

ADDIS ABABA, 08 February 2018 [Gurtong]-
“What we are looking to IGAD to do is to say to us how they feel we might most effectively tackle spoilers, and we are quite happy to follow that lead including with action in the Security Council,” Ambassador Trott said.

Christopher Trott was speaking to journalists at the High Level Revitalization Forum in the Ethiopian capital Addis-Ababa on Wednesday as a member of the Troika.

“For any action to pass in the United Nations Security Council there is need for enough support from the members,” he added.

The United States on many occasions proposed arms embargo on South Sudan, but the December 2016 proposal did not pass in the United Nations Security Council, since there was not enough support from the other members.

However on 2nd February, the United States banned arms export to South Sudan, a move which angered the South Sudan government. Following the U.S arms embargo, South Sudan recalled its Ambassador to the United States in protest, and youth in Juba marched in protest of the U.S decision.

UK’s envoy said they welcome the US decision because South Sudan does not need more weapons.

“I don’t see why South Sudan needs to have more weapons in the country, I feel that while respecting the sovereign rights of all governments to self-defense, I think this is primarily about heavy weapons and about controlling the flow of those,” he said.

“I think it is disappointing that the government felt that they needed to react this way.”
Ambassador Trott urged the people to collectively work to ensure that the current peace process is successful in restoring peace to the country.

“What is clear is that people who spoil this process or seek to derail this process will now be treated accordingly in a way that wasn’t perhaps the case in previous peace discussions,” Trott said.

The Troika said they will take actions according to what will transpire in the Revitalization Forum.

“We will act on the information that is provided by CTSAMM and our request to the parties is as they agreed in December to let CTSAMM do its jobs unimpeded so we get independent and verified reports of violations,” Trott said.

He said there needs to be cohesion in consequences that is why if IGAD demand consequences for a particular action, he believes the African Union will support it.

The government had raised concerns that the blames on the government are unprecedented because the CTSAMM reports have not been properly verified on the ground.


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