17 Dec 2018


Farmers Asked To Begin Preparing Land For Planting Season In Yei

The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry in Yei River State is calling on farmers in the area to begin preparing land for cultivation in order to realize quality output.

Farmers Asked To Begin Preparing Land For Planting Season In Yei
A ground nuts farm belonging to a local farmer in Yei, [Gurtong photo|Daniel Friday Martin]

By Daniel Friday Martin

YEI, 05 March, 2018 [Gurtong] - Speaking to Gurtong during an interview on Monday, Minister Catherine Juan says early preparations leads to high produce and reduced infection of crops by pests.

“What I want to tell my farmers outside there is that, this is right time for you to begin planting your seeds for crops such as maize, ground nuts, vegetables and other grains into the soil so that you are able to harvest quality produce at the end of the first crop cultivation and this can only happen so when you prepare early enough” Juan added.

Juan says her ministry is working hard with partners to ensure that farm tools and seeds are delivered to the farmers in the villages around Yei River State.

“We had a series of meetings with partners like UMCOR, TDH and ACROSS who are willing to deliver seeds, hoes and vegetables to the farmers sooner than later” she said.

Juan said despite insecurity across the State, farmers should use their available piece of land, tools and locally stored seeds so that they are able to fight food insecurity in the State.

“Yes we know, Yei has experienced insecurity and farmers are badly affected because they could not implement their plans on large scale production but what I want to say is that this situation is not permanent, just use the available land to produce something that can help you tomorrow” she concluded.

Meanwhile, Morris Bakata a local farmer in Yei River County has welcomed the minister’s statement but said that farmers in Yei need peace now not tomorrow.

“For us farmers, we have no problem and we don’t want much from the government. My appeal on behalf of other farmers is that let the State government restore total peace and stability in the whole State so that we are able to produce enough food, sale and reserve the rest for our family consumption,” said Bakata.

He added saying “We don’t want much from the government but what we want is peace, security, marketing of our produce, construction of storage stores, good feeder roads connecting our villages, trainings on quality production and also distribution of modern seeds. Bakata added.

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