16 Jul 2019


Yei Bishop To Visit Home Village After Two Years Of Political Instability In Yei River State

The Bishop of the Episcopal diocese of Yei has said he plans to visit his home village in Mongo of Otogo Payam South West of Yei town after two years of political instability that engulfed Yei River State since 2016.

Yei Bishop To Visit Home Village After Two Years Of Political Instability In Yei River State
Bishop of the Episcopal diocese of Yei, Hillary Laute Adeba [Gurtong file photo]

By: Daniel Friday Martin

YEI, 13 August 2018 [Gurtong]-Speaking during a peace rally organized by the State government in support of the Khartoum signed peace deal in Yei town over the weekend; Hillary Luate Adeba said he hopes to see his village and the rural dwellers.

Bishop Hillary hopes that with the agreement civilians will now be allowed to move freely.

“I hope that with this peace deal I can be able to go to my village and see people there, I want to see the return of IDPs into their areas, I want to see the return of refugees and I hope that I can be able to go to Mongo to carry out baptism and spiritual confirmation of Christians deep in the village and that is what I want to see as a result of the implementation of the peace agreement” he said.

He also said that churches in Yei River area have been preaching messages of peace, reconciliation and will continue to speak the language of peace building and forgiveness.

Speaking at the same peace rally, Father Emmanuel Lodongo, the secretary general of the catholic diocese of Yei hopes that the signed peace agreement will be implemented and human rights violations will come to an end in Yei River State.

“The peace has been signed in Khartoum and I expect that brutal killings, arrests, abductions like what happened in Mugwo and Tore Counties where six civilians were slaughtered like goats and over 30 arrested in Tore County will not repeat itself because all of us want to see peace so that civilians can enjoy their freedom of movement” he said.

Hellen Tabu is a local resident of Yei town. Tabu said she expects the top country leaders will fully implement the peace deal so that she can be able to farm or visit her relatives in the villages without any threat on the main roads.

“I am so happy because the peace has been signed in Khartoum. I expect that the opposition and government forces will respect the peace deal, protect civilians and allow free movement so that we can return to our farms and cultivate our own food and at the same time visit our relatives in the villages who were cut off from accessing Yei town” she said.

Addressing a densely populated crowd at the same peace rally, Yei River State Governor Emmanuel Adil Anthony said “ The peace has been signed and today at this Yei freedom square, I declare peace, no more war, no more hate, no more laziness but peace and stability in Yei” Adil added amidst hand applauds and ululations from the members of the public.

Adil said all the roads to all the villages of Yei have been declared open for free civilian movement into Yei town and outside Yei town.

Adil appealed to the residents in Yei town to begin reconciliation and forgiveness and join hands in the implementation of the peace agreement.

“ From today on wards, lets open a new chapter for reconciliation whether you are in the opposition or in the government lets reconcile and move the country forward because we all need to build a better society together” he added.

He called on the rgroups, the civil society organizations, the farmers, women, youth and all categories of people to speak the language of peace and spread messages of peace and reconciliation.

“The peace has been signed and I called upon the civil society organizations and the churches to begin educating the public about the peace agreement and peace building in our communities” he added.


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