28 Nov 2020


Secondary School Results Announced

Last year’s South Sudan Secondary School Examinations results were announced Monday by the National Examinations Council (NEC).

By Ojwe Lumara

JUBA, 21 August 2018 [Gurtong]-
The results were released during the 7th Ordinary Meeting of the National Examinations Council in Juba.

Deng Deng Hoc Yai, the Chairperson of the South Sudan National Examinations Council who is also  the Minister of General Education and Instructions, said  the results shows a slight decrease in the passing rate under the new National Curriculum compared to last year’s Sudan School Certificate Examinations.

This was the first examinations set from South Sudan National Curriculum. The previous examinations were set from the Sudan School Certificate Curriculum.

Jonglei State topped as the best performing State.

Out of 13,661 candidates that sat for the examinations countrywide, about 9,545 passed, representing a passing rate of 71.5% compared to 77.8% of last year.

Male candidates have performed better than female candidates. 72.6 percent of male candidates passed the examination compared to 68.4% percent of females.

“Science subjects have been well performed this year compared to arts with computer science continuing to pose the greatest challenge to the students, Minister Deng said.

The top ten schools include Juba Academy, Alliance High Jonglei, Juba Diocesan Model, Comboni Juba, Bor College, Langbaar Model Jonglei, Vine High Jonglei Alek SS Gogrial, Fr. Leopoldo SS Torit, King College Gbuduwe, and Peace SS Jubek.

Private schools dominated the best ten schools in 2017/18 with Jubek and Wau States continuing to register the largest number of candidates for the examinations.

Due to the current political crises, about eight States did not sit for the examinations due to insecurity.

Simon Nyok Deng the Acting Secretary General of the Council revealed that many challenges keep facing the NEC which impedes its efficient work.

The challenges include insufficient funds allocated to the NEC; delay in release of funds from the Ministry of Finance, insufficient working space for some schools, and lack of modern printing press to print the examination materials.

Deng urged the responsible government agencies to promptly allocate funds to the Council.
“We want to see that there is effective and timely release of the examinations budget as soon as the 2018/2019 budget goes into operation to enable NEC meet the set examinations timelines,” Deng said.


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