22 May 2019


Juba Prison Standoff Resolved

A standoff between prisoners and authorities in Juba, national security detention centre has been resolved, the minister of interior said on Sunday.

Juba Prison Standoff Resolved
Photo courtesy| Afroicans Press

By Ojwe Lumara

JUBA, 08 October 2018[Gurtong]-
Prisoners at a detention center in South Sudan's capital Juba staged a riot early on Sunday, seizing weapons from a storeroom and triggering a standoff with guards.

Residents of the area had early Sunday morning said they heard gunshots in the wee hours of Sunday, prompting panic in the neighboring places.

According to a resident of the area who also works at National Security Service headquarters, known as Blue House, she saw bullet holes in the walls of the prisons.

However after hours of negotiation, the rioting inmates laid down arms after a peaceful engagement by the internal security bureau, the Minister of Interior Michael Chiengjiek Geay said on Sunday.

“We told them that we want the issue to be solved with dialogue. So they laid down their arms and were returned back to detention centre,” Minister Chienjiek said adding that no one was injured while in fire exchange between the inmates and the prison authorities.

Earlier on Sunday, the Police spokesperson Brigadier Daniel Justin told reporters that one of the prisoners mobilized some of the inmates at the detention cell and disarmed some guards before controlling part of the prisons.

“One of the internal security bureau officers Kerbino Wol Agok who was on administrative detention pending internal court martial overpowered the guards at the entrance of the prisons and disarmed them,” Justine said. “Captain Kerbino used the arms of the guards to open prison gates by firing at the locks,” he added.

The inmates were reportedly protesting their arbitrary detention, demanding for the government to produce them in court.

Brigadier said that Captain Kerbino had mobilized a force of about fifteen men that took over one part of the prison cells.

He said five of the National Security officers who were sleeping in an adjacent building to the prisons cell were also disarmed by Kerbino and their weapons taken “by the criminals.”

The Police spokesperson said the protesters seized about 32 guns-7 guns from the guards and 25 assorted from court exhibits store next to the prison.


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