22 May 2019


Indian Battalion Launch Awareness Campaign On Ticks And Flies Control In Livestock In Malakal

Veterinary team of Indian battalion based at Malakal organized a veterinary camp cum awareness campaign in Asosa area of Malakal town on 27 Nov 2018 in co-ordination with Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Resources, Fisheries & Irrigation of Central Upper Nile State.

Indian Battalion Launch Awareness Campaign On Ticks And Flies Control In Livestock In Malakal
Heap of cow dung breeding site for flies[Photo credit: UNMISS]

MALAKAL, 30 November 2018 [Gurtong]-The emphasis of the awareness campaign was to educate the local people (livestock owner and their families) with regards to ‘Ticks and Flies Control in Livestock’. Indian veterinary team led by Lt Col YS Sengar, delivered lecture cum demonstration on aspects of ticks and flies prevention and control in livestock.

Lt Col Sengar said, “The animals in these areas are severely affected with ticks and flies infestations. These insects not only cause the nuisance to the animals and the farmers but also transmit many fatal insect-borne diseases to animals and thereby reduce livestock production.”

“The main objective of this awareness campaign is to provide farmers with the informations necessary to enable them to design and evaluate sustainable strategies that are suitable for the control of ticks and flies under their particular conditions,” he added.

During the camp, more than 550 animals including cattle and goats were treated and dewormed at the camp site. The conduct of the camp achieved the aim of rendering treatment to sick animals at their door steps and professional advice on various aspects of animal health management to farmers at grassroots level.

Hon. Daniel Yhor, Agriculture Minister of state, visited the campsite with his staff. He interacted with owners of the livestock and also witnessed the demo given by Indian Veterinary team. Agriculture Minister said, “I am sure that preventive measures demonstrated in camp will help in minimizing the ill effect of these insects in livestock.  I hope such veterinary awareness campaign would also be a conducted in other areas of the state also in the future.” He lauded the well thought initiative of the Commanding Officer of INDBATT-1, Col Amit Gupta, in reaching out to the locals for betterment of their livestock.

The Veterinary aid camp was highly successful with active participation of large number of animal owners. Owners of the livestock expressed gratitude for conducting camps for welfare of their livestock.

Peta Lay, a local livestock owner said, “We are very thankful to the UNMISS peacekeepers for their continuous efforts in improving the health of the animals and educating us about control of the ticks and flies which are adversely affecting our animal’s health. They have also given us medicines and feed supplements for the benefit of the animals.”

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