27 Jun 2019


Yei Security Situation Greatly Improving After Peace Deal: Police Commissioner

The security situation in South Sudan’s Yei River State is steadily improving after the signing of the revitalized peace agreement. A senior security official said.

By Daniel Friday Martin

YEI, 11 December 2018 [Gurtong]-
Yei River State Police Commissioner, Yoasa Lujang Kamba told Gurtong in an interview that since September, random gun shots have not been heard and crime rates have drastically reduced in Yei town and other parts of the State.

Lujang said residents are now moving freely in all the major streets leading into and out of Yei town. The police chief attributed the improvement to the commitment shown by the SSDF and SPLA-IO security meetings in the Yei area over the past recent months which allowed free movement and protection of the civil population.

He said both parties to the conflict (SSDPF and SPLA-IO) senior commanders and ground forces are committed to respecting the cessation of hostilities agreement and committed to the full implementation of the peace agreement.

He said civilians cut off from accessing Yei town over the last two years plus are now able to move to and from Yei town without any restriction along the Yei-Kaya road, Yei-Maridi road, Yei-Congo road and Yei Juba high ways respectively.

 “The implementation of the peace agreement in Yei River State is very effective. We are a very happy people from different parts outside Yei town from Kupera, Lasu, Mugwo and other parts are now coming into Yei town. All the roads are accessible and at the moment for the last two months we haven’t recorded any gun shots and crimes in Yei town. Issues to do with rape and killings are no longer there and this is so because of the peace agreement.”

Meanwhile, Duku Manase, a local resident in Yei town confirmed that the security situation in Yei town is relatively calm but urges State officials to work hard and improve it further.

“Yes we have seen Yei town is calm nowadays but my big worry is on the people in the villages. They (villagers) don’t have any protection, they are just vulnerable and they still continue to experience harsh living conditions on arrest, rape and torture by some armed men” he added.

Yei River State is one of the areas in South Sudan that has witnessed high rate of insecurity, gruesome human rights violations, looting and massive displacements as a result of the conflict that spread to the region in 2016.

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