26 Jun 2019


CDC Disseminates Peace Agreement To South Sudanese Refugees In Uganda

Community Development Centre a South Sudanese nonprofit national non-government organization says it has been embarking on disseminating the 2018 revitalized agreement on the resolution of the conflict in the Republic of South Sudan to South Sudanese refugee communities living in Uganda.

CDC Disseminates Peace Agreement To South Sudanese Refugees In Uganda
Refugees in Uganda [Gurtong file photo]

By Daniel Friday Martin

ARUA, 26 December 2018 [Gurtong] - Speaking to Gurtong in an exclusive interview on Monday, CDC’s Executive Director Sebit Martin said the awareness campaign aims at informing the refugees on the inside contents of the peace agreement to promote local understanding and ownership.

“We want South Sudanese to know chapter by chapter on what was signed in the peace agreement so that they are informed accurately and also so that they are not misinformed about the agreement because it is a right of the refugees to know what has been signed in the peace agreement” said Sebit.

Sebit said the awareness programs which included community dialogues, radio talk shows and recorded messages benefited refugees in Imvepi, Rhino and Omogo refugee settlement camps.

Sebit said while interacting with the refugees, majority of them expressed mixed reactions whether the revitalized peace agreement will be implemented successfully to enable the safe return of refugees back home.

“In the dissemination process, most of the refugees have expressed mixed reactions, some of them welcomed the agreement and others doubt the agreement. The refugees want the commitment of the political leaders to the full implementation of the peace agreement” he added.

Sebit also said the refugees are demanding the South Sudanese, Salva kiir and his rival Riek Machar to come to the camps in Uganda and apologize to the people of South Sudan on the negative impact of the conflict they caused to the people of South Sudan.

Mr. Sebit appealed to the South Sudanese refugees in Uganda to open a new page for reconciliation, embrace peace and support the implementation of the peace agreement.

“Our country has been fighting for so long and we need to sing songs of peace, speak peace, denounce violence and we want to call on all the people to hold the leaders accountable in case of any violation so that we can together monitor the implementation of the peace agreement and go back home and stay in a peaceful environment” he ended.

Likambo Julius, Chairman for Ofua Zone, Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement who participated in the awareness campaign said, “I want to appreciate and give thanks to CDC for bringing this information to us, without you we cannot even get this, we have been hearing that peace agreements have been signed but we don’t know what is inside it, so this is very important, we now have the picture, all these leaders who have come here they have the picture and they are now able to take the same message to others in the settlement” he added.

Another refugee, Betty Dawa said; “We are happy in Imvepi for this dialogue m on peace process in South Sudan, we are praying for this country; may God forgive our sins and bring us true peace, we the women have suffered so much and lost our children in the fighting, our leaders should implement the peace, we would come home only when the killing stops.” Said Dawa.

The dissemination project was funded by UNCHR through OXFARM and co-implemented by Community Development Centre, (CDC) Centre for Democracy and development (CEDED) and Community Empowerment for Rehabilitation and Development (CEFORD).


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