26 Jun 2019


Jose Chameleon In Series of Musical Concerts In Juba

Ugandan musician Joseph Mayanja commonly known as Jose Chameleon was in Juba for a series of musical concerts.

Jose Chameleon In Series of Musical Concerts In Juba
Jose chameleon with South Sudan music promoter K2 [Photo|Ojwe Lumara]

By Ojwe Lumara

JUBA, 30 December 2018 [Gurtong]-With two huge performances already, Chameleon wrapped up his concerts on Sunday at Freedom Hall at the crowning of Miss Achai Wiir 2018.

He performed for three days in different venues in a music concert organized by K2 Promotions-a South Sudanese music promotional company.

The legendary Ugandan singer arrived Juba on Thursday evening and held concerts on Secret Corner, and Basketball Court on Friday and Saturday respectively.

Chameleon said his relationship with South Sudan started long time ago, and that it was time for him to give back to South Sudan.

“I have been loved by the people of South Sudan long time ago so it’s time for me to come and invest in their music industry as well that’s why when I come here, I want the artistes to look out  for us, let’s find a way we  merge the music together,” said  Chameleon.

The man who has created for himself titles like the Music Doctor and most recently legend says it’s not always about coming to have a performance but as a big artiste it is to interact with the artistes and give them a chance.

He promised to collaborate with local South Sudanese artists during his stay in Juba.
“If we can live together then let us sing together too, I see your music is growing fast but let’s work together too,” he said.


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