26 Jun 2019


One Person Injured, 250 Cattle Raided in Duk Pagak, Jonglei State

The authorities in Duk Pagak County have confirmed injury of one person after a group of unknown gunmen attacked Pajima in Duk Pagak County on Thursday.

One Person Injured, 250 Cattle Raided in Duk Pagak, Jonglei State

By Jo Ngong Akau

BOR, 04 January 2019 [Gurtong]-In a telephone interview with Gurtong, Area Commissioner Yen Jal said more than 200 heads of cattle were looted.
Yesterday, a group of unknown gunmen launched unexpected attack on a herder at a place called Pajima and injured him before taking 250 cows.
“Those cattle”, Yen Jal told Gurtong on Friday morning, “were followed by the area youth but I later stopped them when they were about to cross to Boma State’s territory. I told them to stop, not to derail the peace efforts by entering Boma State violently”.
He advised the area youth not to take the law into their hand by going to Boma State, as the authorities in Jonglei and Boma are working to achieve peace in the region.
“Yes, we are for peace. It is time for peace in the country and it is our role as area leaders to engage the youth on peace agenda”, said the commissioner.
Jal accuse Boma State’s youth of being responsible for the latest raid; he said to Gurtong that he could verify his accusation.
He said the authorities in Boma State, particularly in Murleland, should engage grass-root youth on the recent signed revitalized peace agreement.
On December 30th, one of the county’s residents was killed while herding his cattle by people he could not identify.
Jal said the situation is normal in town compared to the atmosphere in the village. He asked the government to hold past to the peace agreement made between Bor and Murle communities last month.


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