25 Nov 2020


Gogrial Cattle Keepers Free Man They Kidnapped Three Days Ago In Wau State

“On the way they began to argue again what to do with me, kill me or let me go. One wanted to spear me and the other one wanted to beat me. until they hit my hand, which has now swollen."

By James Deng Dimo

Wau 17, May, 2019 [GURTONG] – Gogrial cattle keepers on Thursday freed a man they allegedly kidnapped earlier in Bahr – Akol Payam in Udic County in Wau State.

According to the man, he was badly beaten by the kidnapers before he was released on Thursday.

 Franco Majin Majak said he was kidnapped on Tuesday by armed cattle keepers and later released on Thursday morning in addition of detention in police custody in Nyin-liet Payam of Gogrial State.

Majak told Gurtong that he was kidnapped in Bahr Akol by the cattle keepers after they lost one of their members in the area.

 “My name is Franco Majin Majak, am from Bahr –Akol area, when the Dinka came, I was collecting my food which included dura. They came and kidnapped me. They moved with me while tied and some were saying I have to be kill and some were saying I should not be kill because this old man is not equal to our person who was killed because the person who was killed in still a strong man by am an old man,” Majak narrated his story.

“They disagreed until I spend night with them, at around 3 am in the morning, they moved with their cattle including me while still tied up. We reached Getti up to railway line. There was water there and they wanted their cattle to drink. They again gave me to two people to take me to Nyinliet police station.
“On the way they began to argue again what to do with me, kill me or let me go. One wanted to spear me and the other one wanted to beat me.  until they hit my hand, which has now swollen.
“We went Nyinliet yesterday and I was taken into t jail and at 8:AM, the commissioner came and I was released from jail in her presence,” concluded Majak.

On her part, the County Commissioner of Udic, Tereza Anyuat Stephen, condemns both the kidnapping and the killing of a cattle keeper in the area. Tereza called on her community to remain calm and stop any violence.

“For sure, in spite of what had happened between the cattle keepers and the farmers, we, the community of Udici, want to stay in a good co-existence because the problems, which are happening Tonj, we don’t want them to happen here. This is what we the three commissioners are saying; we
don’t what the problem happening in Tonj to happen to us in Wau because if there is destruction in the nation, we cannot benefit from it,” said the commissioner.

The incident that occurred in Udic County is said to have been triggered by recycled attacks in Eastern Bank of former Jur River County between the 
armed youth from Tonj state. Since March this year, a number of people have been killed while thousands have fled their homes to UN camps for protection. 
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