4 Jul 2020


Kenyan Driver Arrested Over Car That Killed Chief In Rumbek

"The circumstances surrounding the killing of the two Ugandan teachers are not clear, however. The police officer said the incident took place when they were travelling from Rumbek to their school."

By Mabor Riak Magok

Members of traffic police arrested a Kenyan driver over the car accident that killed Western Lakes State Executive Chief Makur Kueideer Reec Mangok in Rumbek on Saturday.

The car accident occurred at 4:00 PM near Rumbek roundabout.
In an interview with Gurtong the deputy Director of traffic Police in Rumbek, Western Lakes State Mr. Lino Thon Machol, confirmed the car accident:

“There was a fatal car accident where a Kenyan driver collided with an Executive Chief who was driving a motorcycle on the main road to the airport. This accident happened because the driver of the vehicle wanted to cross the high way while the Chief who was on a motorcycle was driving on the main road. I went to the scene the accident and checked the vehicle. I found that there was no break control in the car”.

He confirmed that Makur Kueideer was rushed to Rumbek Hospital for treatment, but passed away on Sunday.

He said the investigations are still ongoing with traffic police and the driver is in prison.
He urged all the truck drivers in Western Lakes State to report their vehicle for license check.
The deceased relative, Marial Longjok Makec Mangok, also confirmed that the driver was a Kenyan and was arrested by the traffic officers on Saturday over the accident.

Marial urges their family members and relative to the executive chief who are aggrieved by the incident to remain calm and patience until the culprit is taken before the court of law for trial over the accident that killed the chief.

“We have to remain calm and give the government a chance to use all the avenues to find out the exact cause of car accident”.said Marial


However, according to the traffic Police of Western Lakes State, it was not the first time for this Kenyan driver with the same truck without breaks to continue knocking people dead on the road.
“In 2015, the same driver with the same truck without breaks knocked and killed a motorist along Rumbek - Wulu road, and again today he killed another motorist”. said traffic officer, Thon Machol.

The two Ugandan teachers reported in social media as killed in revenge of the death of the paramount chief in Rumbek appear to have no immediate confirmed connection, according to this report by Mabor Riak Magok:

Two Ugandan teachers were shot and killed by gunmen in South Sudan’s Western Lakes State on Sunday, police said.

Elija Mabor Makuac, the police spokesman in Western Lakes State, told Gurtong on Monday that the killing of Willis Binsiima and Charles Kule took place in Apet area of Rumbek East County.

Both were teachers at Hope and Resurrection Secondary School in the area of Atiaba, according to the South Sudanese police officer.

The circumstances surrounding the killing of the two teachers are not clear, however. The police officer said the incident took place when they were travelling from Rumbek to their school.

“These two teachers from Hope and Resurrection Secondary School fell in an ambushed in one of the streams in Apet, “said Mabor.

He said there is no culprit brought to book yet but the government and the security forces are working hard to bring them to book,” he said.

For his part, Father John Mathiang, the Diocesan Coordinator of Rumbek Diocese, confirmed the incident. He added that Willis Binsiima and Charles Kule were in the company of their headteacher, who was spared by the attackers.

“Charles Kule was the deputy principle of the school while Willis Binsiima was a teacher of mathematics,” he explained.

Mathiang noted that the dead bodies were taken to Kiir Mayardit Women's Hospital mortuary for a post-mortem.

Hope and Resurrection Secondary School is one of the secondary schools being supported by Hope and Humanity, a charity organization based in the USA.



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