24 Jan 2020


Lainya Community Leaders Trained On Peaceful Co-existence

“As young people, we need to stand with one voice for peace. We want to see that we join hands in communal activities in cleaning our markets, our schools and health facilities..."

By Daniel Friday Martin

LAINYA (26 MAY.2019) GURTONG – At least 60 key influential community leaders completed three days training on community conflict resolution, mediation, reconciliation as well as dissemination of the revitalized peace agreement in a bid to restore confidence and peaceful co-existence among community members.

The community leaders included chiefs, women, youth, religious leaders and local government officials.

Speaking at the end of the workshop, Bishop Elioba Laku of the Episcopal diocese of Lainya appealed to the participants to embrace the culture of peace and reconciliation at the community level.

“It is us to promote peace. My message to you as community leaders is to go back to the communities and work towards reconciliation and unite our community members divided by the three years of conflict”, Said Elioba.

Samson Kwaje, a youth leader in Lainya County, said the training came timely, saying he is ready to promote peace and reconciliation among his peers.

“I am happy because we have been trained on peace and local conflict management skills. As youth, we are going to begin a new role of preaching peace and reconciliation among youthful population during youth meetings, sports events, community meetings, community out reaches and in other social events”.

Samson urges the local youth in the area to shun tribalism and embrace the culture of peace and unity towards re-building Lainya.

“As young people, we need to stand with one voice for peace. We want to see that we join hands in communal activities in cleaning our markets, our schools and health facilities so that people can return home and services are provided to the people by the humanitarian agencies. It is us to change our communities towards peaceful co-existence by the participation of the young people”, he added.

Lainya County Commissioner, Stephen Steward, Appreciated CEPO and UNMISS for reaching out to the people of Lainya County with messages of peace and dissemination of the revitalized peace agreement in the area for the first time.

“My appeal to these organizations is to continue educating the people about the need for peace and also support the dissemination of the signed peace deal. As a local government we support peace and we are working for peace. I also need to appeal that our people in the other Payams need similar workshops and trainings so that they understand the importance of being in peace with one another”, Steward said.

On his part, James Mugwo, Head of UNMISS in Yei River State, thanked the participants for the proactive participation and readiness to promote peaceful co-existence.

“As UNMISS, one of our core mandate is to promote peace and reconciliation at the grass root and we will continue to support you in the search for lasting peace in the state as a whole. Because once there is peace in the communities, we will see extension development and improved living conditions of the people. Therefore let’s all join hands to promote peaceful co-existence among ourselves”, Mugo remarked.

In a statement extended to Gurtong, CEPO says, one of its key areas of operation in the state is peace building and conflict mitigation at community level.

“CEPO, a civil society organization in Yei, has been supporting and strengthening capacities of community leaders towards peaceful co-existence. We also support the dissemination of the revitalized peace agreement in local languages so that the community members can understand and support peace”, the statement partially reads.

CEPO further appealed to the beneficiaries to be positive agents of peace and cultivate the spirit of reconciliation for a better and peaceful communities in the future.

The three days training was organized by Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) in collaboration with the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) Civil Affairs Division in Yei River State.


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