21 Sep 2020


Wau Civil Society Network Urges Security Sectors to Cooperate

"He pointed out that the law enforcement agencies sometimes take sides in tribal issues and forgetting their mandate."

Wau Civil Society Network Urges Security Sectors to Cooperate
By James Deng Dimo

Wau 12, July, 2019 [GURTONG] - Civil Society Network operating in Wau State has called on all security sectors in Wau State to change their mind-set from that of war to peace in their dealings with civilians.

In a forum organized by the groups, the network said the security forces were seen by the civilians during passed conflict as symbolic of impunity because of their war attitude towards civilians; but since peace has now return to the country, the security organs should apply peaceful approach in their relationship with the population.

Since the conflict begun with civilians seeking protection at the UNMISS Protection sites across the country, the civil population has lost trust in the ability of their armed compatriots to protect them.

In the forum, lead by Peace Friend Organization, the network developed fundamental guidelines, which include developing mechanism for improving community safety in the state and creation of awareness on the mutual roles of policy makers and civil society.

“Our objective now is that they come together and address the issues that affect the community’s safety and security. When we talk about safety, we mean stopping malpractices that happened before by security sectors toward communities,” said Joseph Luka Akuar, the network’s chairperson.

Akuar said the malpractices that happened in the past, and must stop now, include arbitrary arrests, torture, false accusations and disrespect to the civil population.

Akuar said bringing together the security actors and civilians will create a way forward for addressing future tensions.

On his part, the minister of Law Enforcement Agencies in Wau called on security forces to behave professionally when executing their duties. Minister Michael Madut Chan blamed the security forces for sometimes forgetting to behave professionally and act contrary to the law.

He pointed out that the law enforcement agencies sometimes take sides in tribal issues and forgetting their mandate.

“Let us do our jobs professionally, because sometimes we leave our professional jobs and engage in community differences and spread rumours and negative propaganda, which divides our people. We want our people to come together, we want them to live in peace and coexistence. If we are united in Wau, we will be able to unite our people in South Sudan as a whole for the development and improvement of security in the country,” said Chan.


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