7 Jul 2020


JMCC Launches Food Supplies to I.O Cantonment Sites in Bahr el Ghazal

"Thon also denied media reports that out of 33 cantonment sites, only three areas have received the supplies. He described the report as misleading information."

By James Deng Dimo

Wau 07, August, 2019 [GURTONG] – A Joint Military Ceasefire Commission (JMCC) team has begun food shipment of supplies to the opposition cantonment areas in Bahr el Ghazal region.

Speaking to Gurtong in Wau, a member of the JMCC, who also doubles as a team leader to Bahr el Ghazal region, Brigadier General Ayuen Dut Thon, said the body is currently transporting food to the areas within Wau State and Northern Bahr el Ghazal.

Thon said the JMCC has already shifted a consignment of food rations to some cantonment areas including Dor in Panjak area, Jalak in Renk,
Ameryia, Tunja, Ding-ding in Bentiu and Mirmir.

Thon also denied media reports that out of 33 cantonment sites, only three areas have received the supplies. He described the report as misleading information.

“My main reason for the visit is to provide emergency food rations to the areas that are not reachable by road or in short, the areas that are near to the route of supply,” said Thon.

“In Western Bhar el Ghazal, we have Dulu in Raga as one of the cantonment sites, Nga-Alima near Wau and we have Pan-Tid in Northern Bahr el Ghazal, which is in Division Three area”, he said.

“Yes the I.O forces in Dullu and also in Nga- Alima and Pan-tid. Most of the areas that are selected to be first phase of the cantonment sites, most of the areas have been supplied, starting from Dor in Pan-Jak area, Thor-bong, Tarjas have been supplied, Amaryia, Tunja has been supplied,” he added.

Thon also said the commission has already supplied other areas in Upper Nile region.

“We have supplied Ding-ding in Bentiu. The food for Mirmir has been dropped at Adok River and now it is going to be shifted to the area, so the information we heard this morning from Radio Tamazuj that they have been informed by the Head of CTSAMVM that the 33 areas selected to be cantonment sites, only three areas have been supplied, is a very misleading information, it is not correct,”

“We have supplied so many areas as you have hard and also the areas that were selected to be cantonment sites in the first place were not 33
according to General desk of CTSAMVM, it is 2. TCSAMVM Chairperson should inform or give correct information to the general public”.

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