26 May 2020


The “Useful Idiot”Is Us South Sudanese

"Thus, let’s not be “useful idiots” by compromising accountability and transparency and cheering on people who wreak havocs on us every year."

By Ustaz Kachuol Mabil Piok


Dear Junubiin,

Your responses to Klem Ryan’s inappropriate comments (against President Kiir by referring to him as useful idiot to regional leaders) are also digressing to inappropriateness. Klem didn’t write as some white guy, but as an individual. There’s no some white schemes against South Sudan as some of your comments seem to insinuate. That’s archaic thinking by people who’ve lost sense of direction. Why would they be feeding our displaced population if they’d some sinister schemes against us?

Perhaps, if Klem Ryan had used words such as “useful client,” I believe there would be no qualms. It’s an undeniable fact that South Sudan is a client state to Sudan and Uganda, if you look at the R-ARCSS, cooperation Agreements between Sudan, and South Sudan, and their accompanying oil deals (which have not been made public from 2017-2019), and the way Uganda is encroaching South Sudan’s territories unfettered including those cliff points which provided sanctuaries to the SPLA in the bad 1990s, one would pause to ask, what’s going on here?

Kenya is equally annexing natural resource rich territories of Nadapal and Ilemi triangle-is South Sudan not up for grabbing? Aren’t these regional countries supplying both the opposition forces and the govt with arms to fight each other? Why would they have incentives to broker peace in South Sudan? It’s not just President Kiir who fits that inappropriate description, but all of us, whether in govt or opposition, or we the citizens cum bystanders, coz we’re serving external interests in complete disregard of our own.

What has this administration done in protecting South Sudan’s National Interests? What have we equally done in safeguarding our interests?

However, what Klem Ryan misses are the realties of International Politics, weak states struggle to survive in this non-leveled playing field by losing a lot to the mightiest to attain some level of security. This is not a situation germane to South Sudan only, but to the African continent and the least developed countries when it comes to North-South relations. The struggle now is over the control of natural resources in the African continent. So these contests will get ugly particularly in those territories where the states have limited capacity to dominate and command legitimacy.

Instead of reacting to Klem Ryan’s comments with emotions, let’s ask Kiir and co to protect our territorial integrity, our national interests, work for permanent peace in South Sudan, fight corruption, build infrastructure etc. doing so will earn us huge respect. Klem Ryan is doing what we’ve shirked from doing as citizens-holding this govt accountable. Actually a responsibility we’re too afraid to shoulder. This is demonstrated by the fact that some people (probably diplomats and South Sudanese) have asked him to post things they couldn’t about the situation in South Sudan, of course,out of fear of retributions.

Thus, let’s not be “useful idiots” by compromising accountability and transparency and cheering on people who wreak havocs on us every year.
#Have a nice weekend

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24/08/2019, 7:32 PM
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