10 Aug 2020


UNMISS Bangladesh Forces Donate Free Clothes In Wau Municipality

"Never happened in my life that a soldier gave me something! But these ones here, have surprised me. Today, I have known that soldiers are supposed to help people but not to steal, beat and kill people.’’

By James Deng Dimo

Wau 24, September 2019 9 [ GURTONG]-The Bangladesh peacekeepers in Wau continue to extend their free humanitarians assistance to thousands of people in Wau municipality by distributing free clothes to voluntary returnees and needy people.

More than 1,500 pieces of assorted clothes were given out in the presence of high government officials from the Wau area government.

Sixty-year old grandfather, Peter Akol Majok, was shocked: ‘’Never happened in my life that a soldier gave me something! But these ones here, have surprised me. Today, I have known that soldiers are supposed to help people but not to steal, beat and kill people.’’

A large crowd of people from different residential areas of Wau Municipality gathered in the premises of Ministry of Gender to get free clothes pilled on tables according to different sexes.

Benjamin Salvatore, a social worker in the Ministry of Gender, Child and Social Welfare, was tasked to identify returnees and needy people that qualified to benefit from the free clothing from UN peacekeepers.

‘’I would like to thank the Bangladesh companies and the Bangladesh peacekeepers for their support to the ministry of gender and people of Wau.’’ Said Benjamin.

‘’They started with computer training, sewing machine training and today they have brought clothes for the returnees and needy people,’’ explained Benjamin.

Benjamin is expecting the next Bangladesh peacekeeper contingents coming to Wau should do more than these as the ministry has nothing to offer to its people.

The 2016 war has almost destroyed people’s livelihood. It has become difficult for some people to afford food leave, alone clothing for their families.

‘’I was not having hopes of buying clothes for my children.’’ Said Regina Udoo, a mother of 3 and a returnee from UNMISS Protection of Civilian (PoC) site. ‘’See now, what I have in my hand, they have saved me from the burden of buying clothes for my children for this coming Christmas.’’ Said an excited Regina.

Regina lost her teashop business during the war, which was the only source of income to support her family. She had lived in the UNMISS PoC site since its creation, benefiting from free rations given to
her through the non-government organisations operating in UNMISS PoC.

‘’We exactly understand your feelings, your suffering that’s why we are standing beside you with our limited capacity and capability.’’ Colonel Majharul Hague, the commander of Bangladesh peacekeepers, told the crowd. "I know this will not solve your problem, but I think it will help you,’’ Continued Colonel Majharul.

Colonel Majharul said peacekeeping is not only to work with guns and other military equipment to bring peace but peacekeeping is also doing humanitarian works for community’s’ development.

More than 3000 pieces of assorted clothes for children, women and men worth 15,000 United States dollars were donated by Lions Club Dhaka Ananta, An-Noor Packaging Industries, Sumis Apparel companies from Bangladesh to benefit needy and voluntary returnees from UNMISS PoC site and collective centres that have returned to their homes in Wau Municipality.

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