30 Mar 2020


Will R-TGONU Be Formed Without SPLM-IO And NDM?

"He ordered those who occupied the houses and assets of the internally displaced and those who are in the Oppositions to vacate them immediately".

 By Pal Chol

Addressing the Organized forces yesterday at Buluk, the President of the Republic, clad in police attires, lambasted the police for being hostile to the citizens and that the people are running away from them which is portraying a bad image to the police. The supreme commander of all the organized forces continued to explain that police task of law enforcement and maintenance of order is done by the National Security, MI and the army because the police are unfriendly to the ordinary citizens.

The President is and was right in saying so.
To be honest, our broken relationships with the security forces will take time to be mended. They have done us a lot of harm. We run away from them because they are very hostile especially when they carry their guns.

The President also told his audience to receive their brothers and sisters from the Oppositions with open arms and cordially in spite of the wounds inflicted as a result of the war that his ruling SPLM caused.

Although that is not the first time to hear those reconciliatory remarks, we have also learnt of the change of hearts in some instances. He ordered those who occupied the houses and assets of the internally displaced and those who are in the Oppositions to vacate them immediately. He said he has been told that senior members of the organized forces are using pick-up thatchers to grab assets and threaten the citizens.

It is the most courageous speech said by the President from the bottom of his heart. Thank you Mr President!

He reaffirmed his commitment to form the R-TGONU as planned and vowed to work with those who would be willing to join him. Al Jazeera continued to air that the SPLM-IO, the main peace partner to the government, wouldn't participate in the government because some of the most contentious issues have not been addressed. This is so disappointing to the citizens yearning desperately for peace.

NDM also took the same position. Now, the question is how legitimate will the government be if two major parties to the conflict declined to take part?

Some insiders, President Kiir' s die-hard supporters, said the other four VPs who would be appointed will carry out some of the duties falling within the jurisdiction of the FVP and that there will be no constitutional vacuum.
The president will delegate some of his powers as stipulated in the agreement.

The other thing to note is what some international quarters said that they would not recognize the government formed without Dr Riek. The British even warned her citizens against travelling to South Sudan that the country is on the verge of going to a fullscale war. It has turned out not to be a concern to the government, they consider it a storm in a teacup.

Analytically, if Dr Riek is convinced by the region and the international community to join the government and that other sticky issues will be dealt within the R-TGONU, will his Generals accept to come, having the previous experiences at the back of their minds?

A source confided to me that the Generals are adamant that for them to come, the Necessary Unified Forces must be put in place to provide security so that the 2016 scenario doesn't repeat itself.

Did the fight break out in 2016 because of the forces not unified? Yes and it was made worse by the power struggle and the conspiracy within the SPLM-IO itself over some ministerial portfolios.

SSOA is divided. There is a section of SSOA led by Hon Josephine Lagu and the SSOA section led by Mr Chagor, the brother in-law of the Late General Peter Gatdet.

Last week they said they would nominate their nominees for the post of the VP. The question is, which SSOA section will do that, the one led by Hon Josephine or the other led by Hon Chagor? It is a political dilemma.

We can't tell maybe this catch-22 situation will be resolved with money. It is always the last resort in South Sudan politicking. You know what I mean.

The other political parties (OPP) and FDs have started to take their suits for drycleaning and busy buying neck-ties.

They want the government formed on time. My own perspective is that forming the government without the SPLM-IO and the NDM will not bring a genuine peace; the same situation will continue. This is the reality. War will unlikely end.

It is few days away for the government to be formed. I would suggest that the two Principals should compromise speedily and with the spirit of the brotherhood on issues seen to be outstanding. The citizens need a comprehensive peace. The holdout groups must also be reached.

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