4 Jul 2020


How Disingenuous South Sudan’s Warlords Can Be!

"What matters for the leaders is the return of Peace for which people must now pour libations on them who stole it and now have returned the same."

By Dr Raphael Abiem

They congratulate people of South Sudan for the return of peace to the country. A good gesture, all considered.

Still, I insist, they who concluded the peace deal should congratulate one another. But not they who vamoosed with Peace and waged war of attrition—all without people’s input.

Now they tiptoe their way back into bleeding hearts, lay wreaths, and present them with the very peace they stole as a trophy.

And, for want of choice, people greet them with jubilation.

All the more, they congratulate people to have them believe it is they who fought the war and now have won the peace. How disingenuous!

Rather, they must apologize for having dragged them in the mud for years. No, not a suggestion of contrition on their part yet.

What matters for the leaders is the return of Peace for which people must now pour libations on them who stole it and now have returned the same.

Through celebrations, they expect horrors they visited on the people to be forgotten and even retagged as acts of heroism!!

This is what should have happened. The first word that should have forced its way through their unwilling mouths, should have been unconditional apology to the people who bore the brunt of their failed leadership.

It is not too late. They must apologize now, each facing communities they harmed. As coats are washed with detergents, so are smeared minds and hearts cleansed by a sincere word of apology.

Rally all in demand for apologies from all parties for making you, the people, their cannon fodder.

I understand resistance to show weakness even to the people. Liberians are still waiting, more than a decade on, for apologies from warlords.

There is something that numbs leaders’ tongues when apology is in order. Is it humanism which is its substance?

Perhaps leaders should be anything but humane and humble. If so, long live anarchy!

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23/02/2020, 9:26 PM
 - Posted by Peter Moszynski
Well said, Dr Abiem. I would like to believe that the return of peace and unity to South Sudan will also allow for the return of press freedom and free speech. But if the latest set of leaders are anything other than humane and humble, they might have reason to continue the clampdown...
23/02/2020, 11:18 PM
 - Posted by Jacob Akol
As you can recall, Raphael Abiem, it was the practice of coup makers in the 1960s-1990s to execute a few and imprison many the moment the came to power. After 12 or 24 months the "revolutionary leader" would announce an amnesty for the release of those they imprisoned and the population would go wild with "how kind the president". Something is not right.
25/02/2020, 7:18 AM
 - Posted by Peter Tingwa
I couldn't agree more with the three views expressed above. With the anticipated recycling of the same faces, same situation will obtain. The leopard will and cannot change its spots
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