23 Sep 2020


The Kind Of Education South Sudan Really Needs

"An Education System where quality educational services are delivered on the basis of the problem-based approach and experiential teaching and learning domains in a non-threatening learning environment."

By Abraham Mabior Rioc*

1. An education system in which a current problem should be called by its real name such as widespread corruption, employment of incompetent personnel, diversion of public funds, malpractices in examinations, poor learning environment, inadequate and poorly furnished learning facilities, etc.

2. An Education system where economically disadvantaged children as well as children from the minority groups have equal access to learning opportunities.

3. An Education system where qualified manpower is employed and deployed on the basis of merits and not on tribal or family affiliations.

4. An Education System where 6Cs of 21st Century skills are principally emphasized such as Character Education, Good citizenship, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and critical thinking skills.

5. An Education System where genuine knowledge, practical skills, positive attitudes, and diversified societal values are instilled into the minds of the learners at all levels of education.

6. An Education System where qualified and experienced examiners are recruited, employed and deployed to set and mark final examinations both at primary and secondary school levels.

7. An Education System where 35% of the fiscal year budget is allocated to the education sector to meet the operational costs as well as paying the fat salaries of the school personnel.

8. An Education System where Teacher Professional Development centers are established at state levels and fully furnished to upgrade the professional knowledge and teaching skills of teachers through pre-service and in-service training opportunities.

9. An Education System where bright and brilliant students are admitted to the college of Education both at public and private institutions of higher learning.

10. An Education System where brain drained South Sudanese personalities is encouraged to return home and to be actively engaged and morally supported to expedite their professional leverages and intellectual synergies for the benefit of this great nation.

11. An Education System that encourages globalization and internationalization of the education sector through regional and global university partnerships, professional cooperation, and collaborative exchange of learning.

12. An Education System where quality educational services are delivered on the basis of the problem-based approach and experiential teaching and learning domains in a non-threatening learning environment.

13. An Education System where research and particularly action-oriented research studies are practically encouraged and fully supported through university market collaboration.

14. An Education System where admission to public and private institutions of higher learning based on academic abilities and not on the basis of the gun class directives and guidance.

15. An Education System where schooling is made compulsory and universal at all levels of education; and in which both boys and girls have equal access to educational opportunities.
Stay blessed!

*Abraham Mabior Rioc (B. Ed., M. Ed. & M. Ed.)

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02/03/2020, 4:00 PM
 - Posted by Jacob Akol
I would add that it should be an education equally accessible to boy and girl child throughout out childhood and there after.
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