21 Jan 2021


July 26th Ultimatum By IGAD As Deadline For Reconstituted National Assembly

"They added that the parties must reconstitute the TNLA in accordance with the R-ARCSS within seven days of the dissolution of the incumbent TNLA."

From Daniel Friday

Juba 15th July, 2020. The Intergovernmental authority on development has issued an ultimatum to the peace presidency to reconstitute the national legislature. During the 36th extraordinary assembly of IGAD heads of State and Governments held via video-conference on Tuesday, the leaders appealed to President Salva Kiir to dissolve the current TNLA before the stipulated deadline of 26th July 2020.

They added that the parties must reconstitute the TNLA in accordance with the R-ARCSS within seven days of the dissolution of the incumbent TNLA.

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization welcomes the position of IGAD. It is a good step for genuine implementation of the R-ARCSS. Although always IGAD given deadline are not honored by the South Sudan parties

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of CEPO, said Transitional National Legislative Assembly into Revitalized Transitional National Legsilative Assembly is essential step in the spirit of genuine implementation of the R-ARCSS. Without reconstituted Transitional National Legislative Assembly the implementation of R-ARCSS will be totally under challenge. The expectations for both institutional and policy reforms proposed in the R-ARCSS will not be realized without creditable and assertive functional National Legislative Assembly

It is time for South Sudan parties to the R-ARCSS to demonstrate clearly their primary responsibility for making peace and stability happen in South Sudan. The tactics of dragging feet in the genuine implementation of the R-ARCSS has shown us sense of lack of primary responsibility to exercise the tasks agreed upon by the parties in the R-ARCSS. Mr. Yakani stressed

CEPO is urging IGAD to really strengthen their technical role in Juba for supporting the South Sudan parties in implementing the R-ARCSS. On-going violation of the article 1.4.4 on women political participation have not witnessed strong pressure from IGAD although we are aware that the primary lays at the hands of the parties. But at least IGAD should react on the appointment where 35% for women and inclusion of young people was violated

Finally, CEPO is calling for IGAD-AU-UN to conduct the recent proposed African Union Peace and Security Council proposal on conduct of South Sudan Peace Needs Assessment.

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