20 Oct 2021


Anti-Peace Generals Of South Sudan Defecting Nowhere

"There are big fishes behind this defection. They are those who confuse the President that we are your people during the day but at night they do subversive activities. They think we don't know them. They are known."

By Pal Chol Nyan

A week ago, an IO General, defected, in his words , to the government (SSPDF). He announced it on the state owned National TV. A day later on his return, fighting flares up with heavy losses in man and materials with massive displacement reported by the UN agencies.

What precipitated his defections? It is said to be politically motivated. There are big fishes behind this defection. They are those who confuse the President that we are your people during the day but at night they do subversive activities. They think we don't know them. They are known. Do your things. The citizens know who you are and what you do. Your days of reckoning are near. Do not confuse the President.

The enemies of peace have incited him, according to my source, to do what he did.

The General seems not to know that there is one government now. Those they don't want are at the helm of power. President Kiir will soon be commanding one national army with one Constitution to defend the country against external aggressions.

The First Vice President will continue to be his deputy against the will of the defectors.

If, in any case, the defectors are accepted by the IG through the persuasions of the inciters, still they will be required to report to the Ministry of Defence and Veteran Affairs. They will go, find and salute somebody they accuse of being the cause for their defections.

You don't defect from the same and within the same government. It is a mutiny. It is punishable by law. You would be considered as one of those who don't need peace. You would be prolonging the suffering of the masses.

It is also ambiguous that the government should allow anarchists to discredit the First Vice President. The defectors are suspected of advancing criminality in the words of the Chief of Defence Forces which shall not be condoned.

This is insubordination in the military language. It was tried in 2016 but where are they now? Those who did it were given the State resources and too much power to do the task assigned to them. They failed. Instead, life continues to be hard. No change.

There were only series of abductions and cold blooded assassinations where the family I come from was hurt. It is a pending case and time bound. Those who did it do now scream in their sleep and running away from ghosts.

We should not encourage lawlessness. This country belongs to us. We have obligations towards making it a prosperous and a peaceful country. Defections to gain ranks and positions have become too much.

This country is bankrupt because money is spent on meaningless patronage net works to end rebellions and please those who always turn against the government. I am not saying the government is good.

I have not said and will never do as nobody in his or her right mind will say that the government of the day is for the people.

My point is that we can come together not through rebellions and defections but honest and genuine dialogue to reconcile and forgive ourselves.

I have a very low opinion about the monologue now in progress. It must be a real dialogue to speak up, address the root causes of our differences and then come up with amicable and permanent solution.

I know the rebellion came about because some people lost their jobs in the States and because they have no followings, they then came and incited those with backing to stage what they did. Positions are not supposed to be for self-enrichment and creating of anarchy but to diligently serve the people.

Greediness is what drags this country down to its feet. “Everything is mine” is the disease that we have diagnosed but to find cure for the disease is a daunting task.

What is it that these defectors and those who incited them get from inflated ranks?

I understand President Kiir wants to cashier off some of them. It is a good idea.
Let them go. They are not offering anything.

Education can now be a prerequisite for attaining ranks. We cannot have a legion of semi literate or not Generals who get their ranks through rebellions and unnecessary defections.

To be a General needs a qualification. It needs training, fine educational background and above all military doctrine that dictates that you must be loyal to the Nation and not the President or whoever.
The current self styled Generals are the cause of all these messes and confusion leading to this untold suffering.

We need a limited number of Generals as members of the Staff Command. We have more Generals than the army they command and that is the cause of all these conflicts. I hope the Commander in Chief will listen to this call so that he himself has peaceful sleeps.

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