20 Oct 2021


Yakani To Join An International Body For Human Rights Experts

“This opportunity I will utilize to building experiences and act as bridge for more South Sudanese to get same chance elsewhere".

By Daniel Friday

Juba 9th October, 2020. (GURTONG)- A leading South Sudanese civil society activist has been nominated as a member of the working group on civil society engagement with commissions of inquiry on human rights in Africa.

Mr. Edmund Yakani, Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) told Gurtong in a press statement that as a civil society organization based in South Sudan, he was nominated as a member of working group on civil society engagement with Commission of Inquiry with focus on Libya by the Lawyers for Justice in Libya (LFJL), jointly with the Human Rights Centre at SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London).

The Working group on civil society Engagement with Commission of Inquiry is aiming to build experiences and best practice for human rights inquiry.

Mr. Yakani, welcomed and accepted the nomination and said this is a chance to take the name of our Nation, the Republic of South Sudan, to another level as a nation with citizens that can play instrumental role in the global search for justice and accountability.

“I am delighted for the opportunity to be a member working towards civil society engagement with the Commissions of Inquiry. It is a success for the family of South Sudan civil society and nation at large. I will do my best not to shame our citizens and government and display the name of our nation South Sudan higher”, said Yakani.

Mr. Yakani will be joined by experts such as Abdulrazzaq Al-Saiedi who is of the Physicians for Human Rights’ (PHR) Iraq Country Expert in Human Rights and Transitional Justice; Laila Alodaat is a Syrian human rights lawyer, specializing in the international law of armed conflict and the human rights of women; Maha Awadh is the chairperson for the Wogood Foundation for Human Security and the deputy chairperson of the Women National Committee in Aden, Yemen. Awadh is a member of UN Women Arab Region Commission on the Status of Women Regional Consultations; Ravindran Daniel is an expert in international human rights law with more than 30 years of experience in working on human rights at local, regional and international levels. He specializes in conflict and post-conflict situations. He was the Director of Human Rights Divisions in East Timor, Libya and Sudan of the UN Peace Keeping Operations and Pablo de Greiff is currently a member of the UN Secretary General’s Civilian Advisory Board on Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, and is Senior Fellow and Director of the Transitional Justice Program at the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice of the School of Law at New York University (NYU), including others.

“This opportunity I will utilize to building experiences and act as bridge for more South Sudanese to get same chance elsewhere. It is a test for me and our nation in the arena of promotion of peace and stability through making justice and accountability prevailed”. Mr. Edmund Yakani stressed.

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