20 Oct 2021


South Sudan: Current Parliament Illegitimate

"Of what benefit is your summon if your findings can’t be commended on by a reconstituted presidency?"

By Taban Gabriel

The justifications given by information Minister Michael Makuei to reject summon by parliaments is genuine and it speaks Volume! For your perusal: in a letter dated January 2021, the chairperson for the Information Committee, Hon. Paul Yoane summoned the Minister of Information and two other senior government officials over matters concerning Dockets. The summoned officials were given six days to appear before the committee.

However, Michael Makuei declined to appear before the said committee; he argued that the current parliament is on recess and that he will only appear before the yet to be reconstituted peace parliament. He argued that the incumbent government and executives are revitalized and can’t be answerable to the un-reconstituted parliament.

Michael Makuei isn’t the first public figure to question the legitimacy of the current parliament; In April last year, Edmon Yakani the Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress (CEPO) threw jabs at some members of the National legislative assembly over what he described as their legality to operate before a new parliament is reconstituted.

The September 2018 peace agreement stipulates that the parliament shall be expanded to 550 members, of which the incumbent government will have 332 seats while its giant counterpart the SPLM-IO will have 128, SSOA 50, OPP 30 and FDs 10 respectfully.

The Peace accord also demands that the reconstituted Parliament shall support the agreement to enact legislations that assists the transitional processes and reforms. As it’s traditionally known, the role of parliament is to make laws and hold government accountable on its policies and actions

However, as we speak, the NTLA isn’t yet reconstituted and that certifies the question of its current legitimacy. Michael Makuei, just like any other cabinet member, is holding a reconstituted cabinet position and for this reason, he can only be answerable to a reconstituted parliament which we don’t have now.

Instead of summoning Reconstituted Cabinet members, why don’t the illegitimate parliament and it’s embattled heads of committees push for the speedy formation of the TNLA? This will earn them a moniker and at the same time gain them the status of seriousness.

Of what benefit is your summon if your findings can’t be commended on by a reconstituted presidency? Paul Yoane and his drama kings should not hoodwink South Sudanese masses; our eyes are now open and we can’t allow such irrational and thoughtless lies to precipitate on us anymore.

The writer is a Freelance journalist. For any query about the article, he can be reach on the email address; Gabronn2014@gmail.com


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