25 May 2019


Sudan Civil Society Announces Sudan Vote Monitor Project

Website Allows Citizens to Report on Electoral Irregularities and Violence

A group of Sudanese NGOs inside and outside Sudan has launched sudanvotemonitor.com, a Web platform for independent monitoring and reporting on the upcoming elections in Sudan.

Sudanvotemonitor.com will support the independent monitoring and reporting of instances of irregularities and violence before, during and after Sudan’s national elections, scheduled to take place April 11 to 19. Through the use of open source software and with the support of volunteers from Web portal ushahidi.com, civilians in Sudan will be able to report irregularities via e-mail or text message (SMS), or by logging on to the Internet and visiting the sudanvotemonitor.com Website.

Sudanvotemonitor.com will allow users to file iReports by uploading video to a YouTube site, and links directly to popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, as well as Sudan-specific sites such as Sudantribune.com and Sudanvotes.com. “Our technology is the closest thing to a real-time snapshot of what is happening on the ground during the elections. Users will have access to up-to-date information including streaming video from all over Sudan, everywhere from an election center in Khartoum to a polling station in Juba, or a remote corner of the country,” said Fareed Zein, spokesperson forsudanvotemonitor.com.

Sudan Vote Monitor is a collaboration of the Sudan Institute for Research and Policy (SIRP) http://www.sudaninstitute.org) and Asmaa society for Development  as part of several Sudanese civil society organizations and networks, with technical support from eMoksha.org.

SIRP is an independent, non-partisan, non-profit organization that provides Sudanese scholars and professionals with a platform for independent research, policy analysis and thinking on Sudan. It has no sect or political party affiliation, and aims to accommodate diverse intellectual perspectives through dialogue and collaboration with individuals and organizations with similar concerns and purposes.

Asmaa society for Development is a non-profit organization working in Sudan to raise awareness among Sudanese women and to build their capacities to play their role fully in anticipated change and development efforts.

Sudan Vote Monitor enables monitoring of the elections by many different grassroots and other NGOs, media, journalists, and interested individuals. We hereby invite all interested groups and individuals to join in this effort.


In Houston
Fareed Zein
Sudan Vote Monitor Spokesperson
Phone:+1 713 248 6802
E-mail: fozein@yahoo.com

In Lancaster
Eiman Zein-Elabdin
Sudan Institute For Research and Policy (SIRP), Director
Franklin & Marshall College
Email: eiman.zein-elabdin@fandm.edu
Phone +1 717 291-4045

In Khartoum
Sawsan Hassan Elshowaya
Asmaa Society for Development
Phone _+249912304003
E-mail: sawsanhassa1@hotmail.com

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