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South Sudanese Demonstrate in Support of Secession

Hundreds of Unity State residents today turned up to show support for the separation of South Sudan in next year’s referendum.

South Sudanese Demonstrate in Support of Secession
Pro-separation demonstrations in Wau, Western Bahr el Ghazal State. [©James Deng]

By Luk Riek Nyak

BENTIU, 09 July 2010 (Gurtong) – The demonstration was attended by all the new State Government officials including the Deputy Governor who is also the Minister of Legal Affairs and Constitutional Development William Daud Riek among others.

“Since our State is bordering the North, we want to show the people of South Sudan who may expect us to support the Unity of Sudan that our state is the first to say NO to the unity and YES to separation”, said Riek.

“Our women and children were the marginalised of the marginalised and we should not make any mistake of one country which later on let us live as second class citizens in our own land”, he added.

The State Minister of Information and Communication Gideon Gatphan Thor said his Ministry will work hard to disseminate all the necessary information to the public so that everyone will be aware of what the Referendum is.

The SPLM Youth and Women leagues have also urged all South Sudan political parties to stand together with the SPLM so that the choice for Southerners can succeed.

“I am hundred percent sure that no body in this State would want to continue living with the Arabs”, said the head of Traditional Court in Bentiu Chief Tunguar Kueiguong.

He said that many areas in the state have been re-named and said they should get back their original names.

“We have never had colleges and universities in Unity State for the last hundred years and now we have KCA University and Sunshine College. If we vote for the independence of South Sudan the number will definitely increase”, said the newly – appointed Headquarter Commissioner Mayang Tiach Badeng.

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09/07/2010, 5:47 PM
 - Posted by Deng Ruei
Commended by Deng Ruei Kong
9 july 2010

automatically, separation in the time we vote for two, that is unity and separation during the referendum. we don't want to be cheated by this time to agree fraudulent unity in which they will make themselves to be stakeholders in the government of Sudan and we as junior officers in all departments of organizations.If we stay busy with other businesses without doing demonstration about the support of separation of South Sudan in referendum in next year, the Arabs will not know that we are really fed up of them in being in union with them.

Sudan should not be one country after referendum is over. There will be two countries of Sudan for example North Sudan and South Sudan or the Southerners will think about how they can call their Southern part of the country. We don't mind about the name we should call our country but our concern is about independence.

The much of my congretulation is to the people of Unity State who are doing demonstration about separation of South Sudan from North Sudan to show to their neighbours Arabs and other Southerners that they are not for unity but they are interesters of separation ( separatists ). It do no problem to us, if we like to separate from Arabs. We are not tied together with them when we say, we want to separate from them to form our own country to rule ourselves as free people without calling our government semi atonomous government

No, no, no to unity. Yes, yes, yes to separation.To be in Union with Arabs is bad like stealing someone coat in cool weather or rubbing a salt in wound.
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