26 Oct 2020


S. Sudan Embassy In Khartoum Issues 3,000 Travel Documents

The South Sudanese embassy in Khartoum has issued about 3,000 emergency travel documents and received about 1,000 applications for nationality certificates and passports so far.

S. Sudan Embassy In Khartoum Issues 3,000 Travel Documents
An official help a South Sudanese register for a temporary travel document inside their Embassy in Khartoum [©Reuters]

By Lopu Moses
JUBA, 30th April 2012 [Gurtong]

Registration of South Sudanese by the Government of Sudan has begun, set to be completed on 9 May 2012 with the reported intention of preventing statelessness as well as minimizing undocumented employment.
However, protection partners remained concerned about the type of detailed data being collected including religion and tribe and the reasons for collecting it.

Air transport of vulnerable returnees from Sudan to South Sudan has been halted due to the escalating border conflict between the two countries and the suspension of flights between them.

After the movement by air of 1,833 extremely vulnerable returnees on 44 flights to South Sudan in March, another 700 were meant to be flown south this month. However, new Sudanese civil aviation rules are preventing return movements, after the expiry of the 8 April deadline for South Sudanese to legalize their status in Sudan.

Humanitarian partners in Sudan are working to have exit requirements waived or adjusted in order to resume flights for vulnerable individuals.

Preparations for barge movements from Kosti, in Sudan, have also been curtailed until relations between the two countries improve, despite an agreement to resume movement at the end of March 2012.

Humanitarian partners have also raised concerns that the recent altercations around Heglig are aggravating negative feelings towards South Sudanese in Sudan, with reports of harassment increasing.

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