ECS Churches to Strengthen Ties

A team from St. Philips Parish Church in Juba last Sunday visited Gusene Parish in a move to build strong relations between the two units.

ECS Churches to Strengthen Ties
Pastor Rev. Eluzai Rume (back) leads the choir at Gusene Parish during the visit. [Waakhe Simon Wudu]

By Waakhe Simon Wudu

JUBA, 20 March 2013 [Gurtong] – The Episcopal Church of Sudan (ECS) churches are named according to parishes but are considered to be having similar ideologies and doctrines in running services despite differences in names.

The team was accompanied by their Pastor Rev. Eluzai Rume.

“The significance of this relation even though the language says the ECS is one but remember the diocese is given its autonomous power of running their own affairs and therefore, the administration varies from parish to parish and varies from policy to policy,” Rume told Gurtong.

“I have come to realize that after given that assignment of leading that church [St. Philip] I just feel like making the visit so that to make me know how Gusene Parish run the English service and their own activities and affairs,” he explained.

Adding; “The other thing I have come to realize is that we as the ECS we are still working with the tradition of the Anglican Church...we don’t have the tradition of our own even though it is supposed to be the Anglican. We are supposed to have a unified tradition. I also come to realize that the ECS has not yet come out with its own tradition and therefore, I realize that the parishes that are running the English service are using different litages. For example I can see that Gusene and my parish are using the tradition of Uganda, others use Kenya and others use the Anglican.”

“So in this visit I felt just like to expose my self so that one time if I’m invited I can be able to know what kind of tradition they are using. I also come to realize that English service is full of youth and it is not easy to lead this youth because they are emotional kind of people that is why I’m making this linkage so that we share from one another,” Rume added.

According to him with the same churches of the ECS having different traditions of rendering services yet to learnt people, it may has a great negative impact in terms of Christians disbelieving in the church.

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