Respect Civil Aviation Rules: Airport Official

The Genera l Manager at Juba International Airport, Kilo Kilo Kur has called upon the general public to respect civil aviation rules and regulations as they visit the facility.

By Juma John Stephen

JUBA, 22 March 2013 [Gurtong] –Kur said the public should apply to the authorities of the airport in case of any activity taking place in the Airport.

“I want to tell the public, they have to respect the rules and laws of the civil aviation. Entering inside the airport is completely forbidden. You are not entitled to go with your car near the plane, you are not entitled to go near the plane with a gun, you are not entitled to be escorted near the plane, and you are not entitled to go and receive dead body or take sick person in big numbers,” he said.

In Juba International Airport a movie is being shot and Gurtong caught up with the Director of the Movie Bing Simon.

“We have just started shooting the movie today in Juba International Airport. The movie will be out in two weeks, because after shooting we have to edit,” Bingo said.

“I could not believe myself that the Director of Airport allowed us to film at the Airport. I could not also believe that the Director of Police allowed us to Act in the prison where the prisoners are,” he continued.

“This is really a message that our own South Sudanese are supporting filming making. We need more people to support movie makers so that we can grow as an industry,” he said.

One of the Actresses Mary Otongina said she is enjoying herself.

“Being an Actress is better than staying at home. You just enjoy yourself, I like it so much. My dream was to become a Super Star and I hope that I be the Star,” Otongina said.

“I call upon girls, to follow their dreams. What they want to do in future let them start now,” he said.

Isaac Lumori is one of the Actors acting as a father to Mary in the movie Deception.

“I advice boys not to be like Sabri who is poor and pretended that he is rich, later he connived with gangs and later killed his father ending up in prison,” said Lumori.

The filmmakers had undergone a serious training this year to prepare them to be able to produce movies in their local languages. Currently there are production in local languages, Arabic and English.

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