Heavy Rainstorm Destroys Shelters In Bor Town

A heavy rainstorm on Thursday destroyed buildings in Bor town where more than 20 people were injured.

Heavy Rainstorm Destroys Shelters In Bor Town
A section of the Marol market in Bor where residents are trying to reconstruct their shops after a rainstorm destroyed shops on Thursday. [Jacob Achiek Jok]

By Jacob Achiek Jok

BOR, 29 March 2013 [Gurtong] – James Madit said that more shops have been destroyed by the rain.

“One of the building destroyed is Bor B Primary school where one school building roof was blow off by rainstorm and Sudd Bottling Water Company today,” he said.

He said the company dining hall has been destroyed with many shelters constructed around the compound as well.

More than 100 pupils from St. Andrew Primary School sustained injuries during the incident.

“The wind blew off the roofs off the classes while the pupils were inside their classes, it was the God made to help the pupils in that risky situation caused by the rainstorm,” said a man identified as Dau.

The people of Bor town were yesterday putting up their temporary shelters to accommodate them for time being.

Makuol Deng said majority of the people affected were those who set up their shelter for temporary settlement till them government allotted land to them so that they can build their future primacies.

He said that the most affected place was Marol main market where people had built shops with iron sheets.

The rainstorm occurred at around 1.30pm and rained for almost 30 minutes heavily.

Yearly rainstorm cause damages in Bor town because the town is on a low land.

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