Aweil Postal Office Officially Opened

The Postal and Telecommunication office in Northern Bahr el Ghazal State has been officially opened in Aweil by the National Telecommunication and Postal Services Minister Madut Biar Yel.

By Abraham Agoth

AWEIL, 30 March 2013 [Gurtong]-The minister launched the office accompanied by his technical team and the engineering trainers to help build the capacity of the local personnel who shall carry on the delivery of services in the state.

Biar said that the service is one of the oldest means of communication used in the ancient time especially during the colonial period in Africa which was used by the colonizers to communicate to their headquarters back home.

“This is an easiest way of communication system introduced by the colonials to us here in old Sudan by colonial government during 1889 at Port Sea coast of Sudan currently known as Suakin,” he said.

Biar further elaborates that postal service is one of the institutions that the government can deliver services to its people at the grassroots level whether directly or indirectly.

He assures citizens of South Sudan to have internationally been connected to universal post office as South Sudan became a member of Universal Postal Union (UPU) right away from her independence.

He urges the people of Aweil, government institutions and other international agencies to open their postal boxes as it will help reduce the transportation charges of using other means.

Meanwhile, Adup Achier, the State Minister of Local Government and Law Enforcement Agency and an Acting Minister of Information and Communication urged the people to cooperate so that the new institution gains volume preference to promote its services across the country.

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