Coronation Of The Azande Kingdom Committee Meets

The organizing committee of the coronation of the Azande Kingdom has on Thursday held a meeting at Yambio County hall.

By Joseph Nashion

YAMBIO, 11 April 2013 [Gurtong] - Speaking during the meeting the Commissioner of Yambio County Hon. Kuzee John Elia stressed his gratitude to the people who attended and said that they as the county committee are still waiting for the budget line from the state committee that’s headed by the speaker Bage James Elisa in order to know how much the county is supposed to contribute towards the occasion.

Kuzee further said that there are some pledges that other communities have pledged, mentioning the Dinka and the Jur communities that promised some animals as their contributions towards the setting up of the Azande Kingdom.

He also pledged to train some of the people who are going to be sent to collect the contributions from the citizens in the county saying that the occasion can only be successful if each and every community within the county puts a contribution.

Meanwhile the Paramount Chief of Yambio County Sultan Wilson Peni Rikito stressed that the Azande kingdom stopped to exist some one hundred year ago after the death of King Gbudue adding that it’s a great chance for the Azandes to bring back what was rightfully theirs.

He further said that the past committee did their best and collected some contributions in terms of cash and materials from the citizens of the county but because of changes in the committee there was a little bit of stoppage in the activities for a while before the new committee was formed.

He further said the coronation of the king and kingdom shall be successful if the citizens of the County contribute towards this event effectively.

He finally gave thanks to all those who attended the meeting.

Meanwhile the secretary of the County Committee Mr. Kpuraniyo Joseph went through some of the activities of the committee and their achievements and said that the money that the former committee had collected were all handed over to the new committee that’s headed by the County Commissioner Hon. Kuzee John and that the money is now already in the bank account of the committee.

He finally said that they met the chairperson of the state committee and his response was positive but only that he is facing some problems via connection with all the counties and the writing of the Azande constitution is on process.

The new county treasurer is Mama Mary Biba who will be one of those who are signatory to the accounts of the committee.

The next meeting for the committee is adjoined for next Thursday and every citizen of Yambio is most welcome to attend in person.  

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