Western Bahr el Ghazal State Launches Cultural Diversity Festival Week In Wau

Thousands of Wau residents turned up this morning at the Wau Main Stadium to mark the launching of the Cultural Diversity Festival.

Western Bahr el Ghazal State Launches Cultural Diversity Festival Week In Wau
Yulu Tribe dance to their traditional tunes during the launch of the festival week at Wau Main Stadium. [James Deng Dimo]

By James Deng Dimo

WAU, 16 April 2013[Gurtong] –
The launching show started with colourful march from Wau Peace Ground to Wau Main Stadium with high jubilations including schools at different levels, state especial forces, UN representative and state government officials.

The show in Wau will be carried on for a six days.

The festival and cultural show taking place in Wau is under the theme: “Brother Way to nation building through arts and culture.”

It includes theatre, Music, Fine Arts, Dance, Lectures, Films, Poems, Drama, Handcraft, Books Fair and cinema shows.

“ We as the state government are very happy with this first ever cultural show launching for it first time in Wau and we wish it could continue every time in Wau,” said Rizik Zackaria Hassan, the state governor.

The governor said the show is a general important show for the nation and President Salva Kiir Mayardit was due to launch it but due to other political engagements, he could not make it.

“To restore our culture, it is very important for us not to forget them by making their use in practices as what we are doing today for the sake of our upcoming young generations,” he said.

Hassan also thanked the state Minister for Information, Mr. Alfred Drick Oya for the initiative.

“Allow me to convey my thanks to all the partners who made today successfully, the Ivory Bank, UN and the South Sudan Operator network Zain company who sponsored this occasion,” said Hassan.

Hassan who also joined traditional dance groups at Wau stadium with other local communities calls on state citizens to attend different shows taking place at the Council of Ministers peace hall.

“As a new nation, the country cannot be based on tribalism, we have to remain South Sudanese with different cultures we have,” he said.

“We have to impose our culture through protecting them against Western Culture as our natural identity,” he told the crowd.

The minister said the event will morally have some positive impact in creating relationship between the artists in the state and provide a continuation in the industry aimed at producing films and art in South Sudan.

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