There Is Only One Baptism in Christianity, Says Priest

The Catholic Priest at the Diocese of Malakal has said that there is only one baptism that allows people to join Christianity and urged Christians to remain strong in their faith and never be shaken by wrong teachings.

There Is Only One Baptism in Christianity, Says Malakal Priest
The Catholic faithful in Malakal church. [Ariik Atekdit]

By Ariik Atekdit

MALAKAL, 21 April 2013 [Gurtong] - Fr. Gabriel Ayiik was speaking this morning at the Christ the King Parish where he said all Christians pass in one process of learning the Bible and one declares to have believed in Christ and you get baptised in the name of God, the Son and the Holy Spirit as instructed by Jesus.

He asked youth never to change their domination Churches because they need to attend one similar teaching to be good followers of Christ and better citizens in the nation.

“If you change from time to time, attending different Churches without getting permanent settlement in faith; how will you benefit from the teaching of our Lord? It is not good habit to be a Catholic today and tomorrow, you are in a different church and later on you end up something else. You need to have your own choice once and for all,” he said.

He argued that some preachers have begun to be only preaching in very short time and continue re-baptising Christians who had already got baptism in other churches claiming their teaching and baptism to be the best.

“Dear brothers and sisters, if you are baptised, you have become a Christian and you cannot be re-baptised. If this is done then it is wrong and it is a distortion of the Bible teaching agreed by World Council of Churches. All the registered Churches know this,” Ayiik noted.

“We have to preach the word of God without fear. So I tell you repetition of baptism is a violation against Christian Religion,” he added.

The Cleric said Christians should use the wisdom God has given them than just to follow anyhow. 

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