Ministry To Focus On Sports To Restore Peace In Rumbek

The newly appointed Lakes State Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports Madong William Mading has announced that the ministry will be used to boost culture and create peace among the communities across the eight counties.

Ministry Vows To Focus On Sports and Culture To Restore Peace In Rumbek, Lakes State
Pastoralist youth display their culture in Rumbek. Lakes State Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports will promote culture and sports to help reduce on insecurity across the state. [Gurtong | File]

By Gabriel Mayom

RUMBEK, 22 April 2013 (Gurtong) -The minister said that the ministry will undertake to promote culture and sports to help reduce on insecurity across the state.

He said that sporting activities create a friendly forum that could bring entire ethic communities of Lakes state to promote peace within their area of operation.

“Sporting competition and cultural activities will promote peace in the state. We will bring entire three ethnic groups of Lakes state to compete for peace through sports,” he said adding that culture will be the best focus to restore peace in Rumbek.

Lakes state had been a troubled state since January clashes which resulted into the death of civilians and forces and later on removal of the elected Governor Chol Tong Mayay and replacing him with a military caretaker governor Maj Gen Matur Chut Dhuol.

The state experienced harsh security reforms with an large number of youth being detained at the military prison in Langcok, Pulkuc and Ajakangau without access to relatives, lawyers or human rights officers.


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